Dr Muhammad Mahmud of IBA: A Self-made Industrious Faculty Member

Dr M Mahmud expired early morning of July 12, 2018. Inna lillah e wa inna ilaihi rajioon. May Allah reward him with the best of abodes in the hereafter. Aameen. Allah blessed him with 27th Ramazan night to start this journey.

He was an alumnus of IBA. His association with IBA started in 1967-68 in the accounts section and extended for over 40+ years. At the time of death, he was associated with IoBM as faculty and professor of finance and accounting department. He had been at IoBM for the last several years, and had also been HoD of Accounting and Finance department. As Dean, I found him to be diligent, conscientious professional who would take all his responsibilities seriously.

Dr Muhammad Mehmud (d. 2018)

I was his student of Financial Accounting during my first semester of MBA in 1985, and also took Cost Accounting from him in the next semester. This was at IBA, Karachi University Campus. I think he was starting his teaching career also during that year. My first semester as a student was also his first teacher although he had been an employee of IBA for the previous 20 years.

Self made, self taught, and industrious. Worked very hard to complete his MBA from IBA along with his job in the accounting department of IBA. Starting from an entry level position in the accounts section he worked meticulously through out his life to upgrade his competencies and qualifications, a persistence that distinguished him from others.

He tried for several years to go for a PhD abroad on scholarships that he obtained but was always thwarted in his efforts by the internal politics of those times of IBA where another PhD Faculty at IBA was considered as a threat by the then Director IBA. Finally he got the opportunity to go to Malaysia and complete his PhD. He would later achieve positions of professor, HoD and Dean at various institutions.

He was associated with KASBIT as Dean after his PhD.

He achieved positions of professor, HoD and Dean at various institutions. He supervised several MPhil thesis and was in the middle of several PhD supervisions when his call for the hereafter came.

The following description is from Ms Tazeen Arsalan who had been a faculty member when he was the HoD, and later succeeded as HoD, after Dr Mahmud got a stroke and could not continue as HoD.

“I first met Dr. Muhammad Mahmud few years back when he joined Acc and Fin department of IoBM. He later became HOD of the same department but I started to know him better when he became my MPHIL thesis supervisor. Journey of thesis for any student is a long, frustrating and tiring one. I still remember whenever I used to go to him to discuss my problems he would always show support but never gave me the answer and he always used to say that it’s your thesis, you need to find the answers yourself. It was extremely frustrating but when I stood to defend my thesis within five minutes I understood why he did it. The very next day I went to say Thankyou to him and also to apologize for not understanding his strategy earlier.

There were so many things which I learnt from him. He never took credit for anyone’s work and took pride in boosting the work of his colleagues and subordinates. Two years back when he had a paralysis attack and I went to meet him in hospital, even in an extremely bad health condition he was more worried that I was not drinking the juice which he offered me than himself. No matter how bad his medical condition was whenever I used to ask him about his health, he would always smile and say that I am much better. 

An extremely humble, polite and a true gentleman. Doctor Sb expired last night. I am sure Allah will grant him the best place in Jannah and give sabr to his family for enduring this loss. 

I will surely miss him a lot.”

Nazir Ahmad Shaikh posted the following on Facebook on hearing about Dr Mahmud’s passing away:

“Dr. M. Mehmood, HoD Accounting & Finance, IoBM expired today. He was my colleague at IBA in year1985 – 86 when I was serving at Centre for Computer Studies, IBA as Computer Project Admistrator. At that time Mr. Mehmood was Accountant of IBA. He was a dedicated person; very hard working and focused. He did alots of effort to become a distinguish faculty member at IBA. He was also my colleague at IoBM few years ago. Dr. Mehmood was very a humble and studious person. I am going to miss him. How lucky he was that he expired on 27th of Ramazan. Subhan’Allah. May the Almighty Allah Bless him and put him in the highest place at Jannat. Aameen”

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