Ahsan Memorial

Ahsan Memorial Library

Ahsan Memorial was founded in 2009 in memory of Syed Ahsan Hyder (1916-2003) and Huzabra Hyder (1935-2004) to impart their love for education to people and to become an agent of change by creating and hosting a network of knowledge based institutions. 

Ahsan Memorial is a Learners’ Resource Center, where children and people of all ages are enthusiastic to come and participate in various learning activities. The form of activities is designed around problem based learning, collaborative learning and learning by doing formats in all the areas that are necessary for our success here and hereafter.

Ahsan Memorial project was started in 2009 for archiving the social history of Ahsan Hyder’s family. This is in the form of Ahsan Memorial Library which contains materials such as books. There is also a Social History Archive of old documents, letters, and other artificats that are being compiled in various forms and would soon be available in an online repository. It also contains the traditions and learnings that are emobodied in the ethos of L2L Academy, and Research to Leadership initiatives.