Academic Leadership


  1. Independent Academic Projects
  2. Projects at Ziauddin University as Vice Chancellor
  3. Projects at IoBM as Rector
  4. Projects at IoBM as Dean CBM and CES
  5. Projects at PAF-KIET (2001-2012)
    1. 5.1 Projects As Dean 
    2. 5.2 Projects as Vice President of PAF-KIET
  6. Projects as Deputy Director (CCS) at IBA Karachi (1995-2000)

Independent Academic Projects

2011- Present   As Director Learn to Learn (L2L) Academy
2011        Launch of Project Based Learning (PBL) School
2009-2011    As Director Ahsan Memorial
2011       Launch of L2L Club Weekday program as  alternative schooling
2010      Setup of Ahsan Memorial Library     
          Series of Learn to Learn (L2L) Sunday=Funday program for kids and family.
Organized a series workshops by Society of Iqbal Studies at Ahsan Memorial
2009        Setup of Ahsan Memorial in memory of late parents

Projects at Ziauddin University as Vice Chancellor

Projects at XYZsfa

2021 Project for a complete paperless university environment Project for revamp of Campus Management SystemProject for fully automated accreditation and regulatory compliance systemCapacity building project in marketing, alumni relations, curricula and program management across colleges and faculties

Projects at IoBM as Rector

2020 Successful leadership of the Online Education during Covid19 lockdown, that led to a huge increase in applicantsFramework for online readiness to quantitative management of online engagement and its successful implementationFramework for qualitative evaluation of online engagement leading to assurance of learning of all the collegesStart of integration project of CMS with ERP. 
2019 Revised application for AACSB 5 year plan to overcome the reliance on part time faculty.Launch of online Learning Management SystemConsolidation of Campus Management System and Registration Process

Projects at IoBM as Dean CBM and CES

2018 Development of application for AACSB Accreditation Gap Analysis of areas that require quality enhancement; Research, faculty sufficiency, industry engagement, faculty qualifications Consolidation of the PhD Business Management Program Maturity of Capstone Projects and industry recognition of over 300 projects Salvage of Pakistan Business Review
2017 Experiential Learning 130+ MBA Capstone Projects for 80+ industry organizations: End Spring 2017 Development of Leadership and Engagement CenterFirst PhD from CBM Research CenterFormal Processes defined for CBM Research CenterStructural revision of BS Economics and Finance, BS Finance & Accounting, BS Accounting, Management and Law ProgramsDevelopment of a unification framework for all the MBA Programs. Developed a framework for consolidating intellectual contributions, industry engagements, and innovations of all the departmentsLaunch of BS Entrepreneurship Program
2016 Experiential Learning 31 MBA Capstone Projects for Industry: Spring 2016Development of Faculty-Student Counselling FrameworkConsolidation of CBM Research CenterProgram Coordinator/HoDs’ Ownership of Degree Programs and their QualityDevelopment of Research GroupsConsolidation of the MPhil ProgramLaunch of BS Social Entrepreneurship and Social LeadershipHoDs’ Ownership of Faculty Intellectual Contributions and Research
2015 Project for Managing MBA Final Year Capstone Projects: Experiential Learning 32 Projects for IndustryDevelopment of Faculty Evaluation FrameworkConsolidation of Faculty Engagement PlatformHoDs’ Ownership of Departmental Faculty DevelopmentHoDs’ Ownership of Departmental Courses Quality ImprovementConsolidation of MRSS; Research Seminar SeriesConsolidation of PhD Program and Development of PhD Manual for StudentsDissemination of College and Departmental Academic and Industry Engagement activities through IoBM website
2014 Redesign of the MBA ProgramsRedesign of the BBA ProgramHoDs Engagement in College Academic Issues
2013 Launch of Experiential Learning in BBA and MBA courses AACSB Accreditation PlanningLaunch of the PhD program in Business ManagementExecutive Mentoring and Coaching System for CBM studentsAlumni Interaction DevelopmentResearch Fellowships and Establishments of Centers of Research

Projects at PAF-KIET (2001-2012)

Projects As Dean 

 2012 Design of decentralized academic units with financial and operational independence Design of an innovative industry mentoring framework for professional and personal development of students 
 2011 Setup of Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering for MS/PhD research degrees and impact factor research. Enabled the launch of BBA Islamic Business and Finance program Structural changes to enable Project Based Learning (PBL) approach in KIET’s programs. Integrated design of QEC and MIS for automatic collection of quality data with existing staff
2010-present Launch of innovative Social Advocacy Projects for helping scores of poor families.  Over 200 poor families were given financial support for enabling their micro-business through funding generated by the students. Enabled and guided the launch of entrepreneurial business ventures by business students. Over two dozen commercial ventures launched and currently sustained by students through the efforts of the entrepreneurial development center. Enabled and designed KIET’s collaboration for the innovative BBA-ERP program. The first ever 4-year bachelor program focusing on the development of  ERP, MRP, SCM and CRM consultants.
 2009-Present Enabled and designed KIET’s collaboration with ERDC for MBA in Education Leadership Enabled and designed KIET’s collaboration with Guidance Institute for PGD in Islamic Finance Start of MBA  in Islamic Finance
 2008-Present Establishment of “Technology Innovation Center” for commercializing Engineering and CS research and development projects. The center actively collaborates with the industry and the students to make their final year projects and their MS/PhD research relevant to the industry. Establishment of “Center for Entrepreneurship” with the objective of changing the goal of higher education from getting good jobs to creation of new ideas and new jobs. Launch of BS (Accounting and Finance) program.
2005-08 Development of a research publication oriented MS program enabling over 60 papers in  international and national journals/conferences by faculty/students of CS and Engineering. Personally published over 12 papers in conferences and journals with MS students.
 2007 Developed a cultural shift strategy through a projects driven approach to pedagogy Instituted culture of Semester Projects Exhibition for CoE and CoCIS for qualitative course evaluation Instituted culture of Final Projects Exhibition for evaluating quality of graduating students
2006 Instrumental in PEC accreditation for the BE program in Electronics Engineering Launched Technology Forces: KIET’s Journal of Sciences and Engineering
2005  Successful launch of Bachelor of Computer Arts program; first innovative arts program in Karachi Introduced BE specializations in Industrial Electronics and Computer Engineering Launched BBA (MIS).
 2004 Launched MS Telecommunication Engineering Program Developed an innovative Bachelor of Business Economics program
2003 Launched College of Engineering with BE programs in Electronics and Telecom Engineering Transformed CS and management science departments of KIET into colleges; CoMS, CoCIS Launched BBA (Accounting) Program. Developed degree programs: MBA (Accounting & Finance) and MBA (MIS)Instituted Comprehensive Test as a compulsory requirement for the award of degree
 2002 Introduced a research oriented MS/MPhil programs in CS and management Introduced  4-year bachelor programs; BS(CS) and BBA (4 yr)Instrumental in the launch of city campus for PAF-KIET
2001 Redesign of BBA(H), MBA, BCS (H) and MCS programs Managed the transition from 2-year programs to 3 year programs. Managed the transition from 3 term/year to 2 major semester per year structure

Projects as Vice President of PAF-KIET

  •  Integrated design of processes for automatic collection of quality data for reporting to all regulators.
  •  Decentralization and delegations of functions and authorities to campuses and colleges
  •  Development of a collaborative model for launching innovative programs at KIET
  •  Development of MIS department as a profit center
  • Design of strategic initiatives and new product launch decisions
  • Coordination for statutory meetings of the Academic Council and BASR
  • Establishment of Corporate Relations Department and specification of its roles and responsibilities
  •  Design of business processes, procedures and policies for Registration;
    • Enrollment and registration policies
    • Record keeping of primary material for transcript production
    • Unique number management of degree paper
    • Degree issuance, exemptions, transfer of programs
    • Scheduling system
    • Examination system
    • Other areas of registration
  • Reengineering of academic monitoring, management, control, evaluation systems
  • Institution of Academic Advisory Boards and Curriculum Development committees
  • Design and leadership of the MIS department. MIS system of KIET is probably one of the most comprehensive and detailed academic and registration monitoring system in any university.
    • Fully automation of the processes from admission of a student to alumni management
    • Design of syllabus management for individual students and different programs.
    • Design of student attendance monitoring system
    • Design of scheduling system.
    • Design of Semester Registration system.
    • Design of future requirements and upgrades as the institute progressed.

Projects as Deputy Director (CCS) at IBA Karachi (1995-2000)

 2000  Consultancy for Ministry of Science and Technology and EPB on E-Commerce 
 1999 Launch of first non-business program (BCS) at IBAStrategic collaboration with CBR for short-term training programs
  1998  Launch of BBA (MIS)
 1997 Redesign of MBA (MIS) Program 
1996 Collaboration with LUMS for a corporate training program