E-Patterns Company

The Philosophy

We provide robust and proven solutions to our customers by focusing on reuse of existing designs and code. This reuse gives our solutions greater flexibility, improved performance and faster delivery. Instead of rediscovering and reinventing from scratch, ePatterns believes in reusing the experience of the gurus of object-oriented technology, which is now becoming available in extensive libraries of frameworks and design patterns. Our corporate culture encourages identification of reusable patterns in the way we think and work. 

The Company

Formed by a team of young and enterprising IT professionals, ePatterns is a software company with a refreshing distinction. You can see it in our approach, our processes and our team. Reuse of patterns, templates and frameworks ensures robust and flexible solutions and strengthen our processes. Our people blend the knowledge and skills to make it all happen for your satisfaction. They all contribute to adding value to the services and products that we deliver and assure you of the highest quality standards.

The Approach

Our name strategizes our approach. It is Patterns. We strive to look for patterns amongst projects, across customer requirements and within processes. Patterns in projects help us deliver solutions within budget; patterns in customer requirements help us understand business processes better; and patterns in processes help us meet project deadlines