E-Patterns Distinction

How Are We Different

Our team comprises of a group of highly qualified & experienced IT Professionals. The sales and implementation team, with a strong academic background in IT and business administration, has been able to successfully complete over 30+ Business Patterns implementations for SMEs.

Our approach, as suggested by the name of our company (e-Patterns) and the product (Business Patterns) is identification of patterns in clients’ business transactions. These patterns are then built in to the ERP product for reuse and redeployment in other transactions and at other clients. We have been successful in translating many of these patterns into the underlying software architecture of Business Patterns. BP incorporates a large number of patterns that have been identified in business transactions and processes of its clients and thus represents its major strength.

The approach is led by Dr. Irfan Hyder who has PhD in computer science and is also an MBA and an engineer is the architect of the product. He is the architect of the product and guides the development which is carried out by a team of software engineers who are graduates of computer science and computer engineering from reputed institutions.

Our Experience has ranged from software development, implementation, IT consultancy for ERPs.