E-Patterns Software Solutions 2000-08 and Beyond

E-Patterns 2000-08

  • 2000 E-Patterns started its life as ePatterns software solutions company. 
  • Idea was conceived by Javed Shaikh and funded by Babar Khan. S. Irfan Hyder, Babar Khan, Javed Shaikh, Zainab Hameed, Shazia Yaqub and Kamran Khan got together to make it a success and to ride on the wave of what we now know as the dotcom bubble. 
  • By early 2001 the dotcom bubble had bursted, however, the company continued as a private limited entity till 2008. The spirit and the design of its systems still continue in various forms even today.
  • 2002 E-Patterns was incorporated as a private limited company by S. Irfan Hyder and Babar Khan. 
  • 2000-2004 – Business Patterns v1, an ERP for local businesses. Initial version. Clients automatically migrated to version 1.5
  • 2002-2005-  Business Patterns  v1.5. Static version of forms. Version through which most of design concepts were formalized. 
  • 2003-2006-  Business Patterns  v2.4 VB6. Flexible version based on a generalized attributes structure. Popular. Its variants are still being developed officially and unofficially. 
  • 2007-2008 – E-Patterns (pvt) Ltd was formally closed. 
  • 2007-Present Business Patterns versions are continually being updated and used at Multinational Export Bureau (MEB), Mr Babar Khan’s group of companies. A front-end layer had been added and the software has been customized and expanded.
  • 2005- 2012    Business Patterns  v3.0 dotnet version. Web based version still in development for certain dedicated clients. 
    • This version has gone through various ownerships. 
    • Dr Irfan Hyder will be starting on its development again in 2024 with redesign of the architecture.