E-Patterns Features N Workflow

Business Patterns Features and Workflow

  •  Multiple definitions and extensions of data-entry transactions
  • ·Flexible Workflow definitions. Ability to connect any data-entry transaction to any other transaction in a flexible workflow. 
  • ·Multiple Companies and Business Units support.
  • ·Multiple Roles of the same Party (e.g. employee can also be a customer). A powerful party model that provides great flexibility in defining the parties involved in transactions.
  • ·Inventory management at multiple stores /kocations. A feature of the powerful party model allows inventory/asset management at distributors, suppliers, departments or employees
  • ·Multiple Item classes: Flexible item model enabling distinctive definitions and behavior to be defined as a specialization of the item framework. Item is a finished product, WIP, raw material, service item, resource etc. Assets become a special case of item.
  • · Multiple Segments availability in the accounting modules.
  • · Multiple UoM. Ability to track quantities in multiple transaction UoMs and the primary UoM for each item.
  • · Multiple Currency transactions.
  • · Multiple Shifts definitions.
  • · Lots / Batches. Ability to manage products in lots and batches.

Extended Purchasing Process

  • ·         Purchase of raw materials, goods for trading, and services
  • ·         Flexibility to use partial or full process
  • ·         Outside processing management for WIP.
  • ·         Availability of the enquiry-quotation process
  • ·         Link with production requirements for material requisitions
  • ·         Receipts, returns linkage with inventory
  • ·         Management of outside processing
  • ·         Costing of overheads, taxes, and purchases
  • ·         Management of payables, returns and adjustments

Imports Module

  • ·Flexible workflow for imports process typically followed in Pakistan.
  • ·Depending upon the extent of tracking, clients may choose or select from the available transactions and modify the workflow accordingly.
  • ·An elaborate system of tracking all components of landed costs. Includes tracking of overheads commissions, freight etc and tax liabilities.
  • ·Provision for automatic posting of costing notes to the accounts system.

Sales Module Overview

  • ·         Multiple order types
  • ·         Flexibility to introduce optional transactions in the workflow such as delivery order
  • ·         Integration with inventory for reservation, sales and returns
  • ·         Integration with accounts for receivables, credits and sales overheads
  • ·         Management of back orders
  • ·         Tracking of pending transactions in a workflow.

Inventory Module

  • ·         Integrated with purchasing receipts and returns and sales deliveries and returns
  • ·         Maintains Raw Material, WIP, Finished Goods, Waste inventory
  • ·         Treats materials, spare parts and assets through similar transactions
  • ·         Multi-warehouse and store inventories
  • ·         Track inventory in transaction UoM and in primary UoM.
  • ·         Maintains inventory at suppliers for outside processing
  • ·         Maintains inventory of multiple distributor locations
  • ·         Optionally maintains inventory at production departments and locations.
  • ·         Provides tracking between issues and corresponding receipts
  • ·         Pending transactions tracking
  • ·         Allows for waste tracking

Flexible Production Process

  • ·         Mapped to both discrete and process manufacturing including textile, food processing, chemical processing, engineering production processes.
  • ·         Inspired by design of major ERPs and extended to include concepts of generic models.
  • ·         Strong framework for handling inter production step transfers
  • ·         Issues, assembly completions and requisitions linked to BoM
  • ·         Work order and Job Order/Schedule tracking
  • ·         Configurable definitions of workflows
  • ·         Configurable definitions of assembly completions, transfers, issues, receipts and returns
  • ·         Handles service items, labor, materials, WIP, expenses and overheads similarly
  • ·         Mapped to both build to order and build to stock situations

Vertical Industry Configurability

Manufacturing process has been mapped to various industries including textile, engineering, chemicals, rice processing and food processing. With a little effort vertical industry specific versions can be configured using industry specific terminology.

These would then enable ready deployment at other companies of the same industry.

A case in point is the textile specific configuration shown below:

  • ·Please note that the transactions are simply specific configurations of the generic transactions shown in the purchase, sales, inventory and production modules.
  • Ability to redefine workflows and configure data entry transactions are at the heart of the strengths of business patterns.

Extensible HR/Payroll/Attendance Structure

  •  A general framework for HR system based on employee assignments.
  •  A strong and flexible framework for definition of all types of payrolls. Inspired by major ERPs’ modular structure and extended to meet Pakistani requirements
  • ·Flexible definition of pay components and their flexible inclusion in the pay-slips. Seamless handing of recurring, one-time scheduled, salary, bonus, deduction, incentives, and installment components.
  • Ability to process payroll in bulk or to selectively edit and modify pay-slips.
  • Flexible definitions of unlimited attendance types: Present, Absent, Sick Leave, Casual Leave, Half-day, Late, etc. Maintenance of attendance type balances and their carry-forward, encashment, or deduction on monthly or yearly basis.
  • Integration of pay components with monthly and daily attendance system. Auto linkage of pay components with monthly balances of attendance types.
  • Provision for auto-in/out recording through attendance devices with flexible provision for cleaning and correcting inconsistencies and errors.
  • Integrated with loan module. Flexible payments of installments directly and through payroll on scheduled dates or in ad-hoc manner.

Accounts Module Overview

  • ·         Ledgers with Multi Segments and ledgers in Code Ranges
  • ·         Bank/Cash Books
  • ·         Multi Level Financial Statements
  • ·         Multiple Financial Statements Formats
  • ·         Performance Evaluation of various entities of company
  • ·         Comparative analysis of Accounts (Assets, Liabilities ,Capital, Revenue, and Expenses)
  • ·         Receivables, payables management
  • ·         Multiple Types of Vouchers
  • ·         Multi-User
  • ·         Ledgers with Multi-Level Segment (Subsidiaries)
  • ·         N-Levels of Chart of Accounts
  • ·         User Defined Segments (Subsidiaries)
  • ·         Auto With-Holding Tax Calculation
  • ·         Refreshing Vouchers for every month or year
  • ·         Auto Cheque Generation
  • ·         Auto Parties (Customer/Supplier) Settlement
  • ·         Bank Reconciliation
  • ·         Closing with backup of Multi-Year Data
  • ·         Selectively assign privileges and authorization to users
  • ·         View detailed log report for each user
  • ·         Extensive MIS with Multi Search Criteria