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  1. User-friendly Windows based environment
  2. Business Patterns-Advantages

Business Patterns is a complete information system for your organization. It takes your organization to levels of higher efficiency and effectiveness. Implementing Business Patterns in your organization means more control of your business by making good use of state-of-the-art-technology. Business Patterns will transform your organization to work in a new way to meet the challenges of twenty first century.

User-friendly Windows based environment

Business Patterns is a Windows based program that is built on state-of-the-art software technologies. This makes the program user friendly and easy to learn ensuring your staff quickly adapts to the new system. 

Strong command level security

Strong command level password security and authorization system restricts access to business information on need to know basis and keeps a check on unauthorized access.Scalable according to your requirements

With business patterns you lay the foundation of a comprehensive integrated ERP for your business. You may only install modules that are most important to you and decide to include more as your requirements grow.Customizable/flexible

Business Patterns is a flexible system that can be customized according to the particular needs of your business.Central storage of database

The data of your firm is stored in a single database. Data transfers are centrally controlled, which eliminates effort of data re-entry and increases data reliability.Multi-user

Several users can record and view the transactions at the same time through controlled access and authorizations.Less Data Entry Efforts to Maintain Data Integrity

Flexible framework to retrieve data from the previous transaction to minimize data entry effort and to maintain strong audit control

Business Patterns-Advantages

Better controls

With Business Patterns you control the way transactions occur according to your business rules. It brings key information to your fingertips for better decision-making and control.Get Accurate and Reliable Information

Business Patterns is a multi-user system with centralized integrated data storage. Information is stored once and is made accessible from all authorized nodes. You get accurate and reliable information as data entry errors are corrected and reconciled at source.Effective decision-making

The large number of reports generated by Business Patterns helps you in analyzing the business performance from various angles and at different levels of detail allowing you to quickly focus on issues and take prompt decisions.Saves valuable time

Business Patterns records and processes the information you need. It saves your precious time relieving you from tedious tasks and allowing you to concentrate on tasks that can add greater efficiency and productivity. It automates and controls inter-module transactions reducing effort and time in cross-checking and following approvals process.Adds profitability

As your operations get automated, Business Patterns provides greater control that reduces the costs of operations and translates in to more profits.