ECWG Project

E-Commerce Working Group headed by Dr. Irfan Hyder was established by Dr Ata Ur Rahman, Minister of Science and Technology to finalize the recommendations for the E-Commerce Action Plan to be included in the National IT Policy in 2000. This was a group of professionals and functionaries belonging to stakeholder organizations. Representation from government organizations like SBP, CBR (now FBR),  EPB (now TDB) etc was obtained through official correspondence by MoST. 

Frequency of participation of group members varied over time from 2000-2002. ECWG was divided into five subgroups for focussed study in different areas:

WG1: Awareness, Training

  • ·Create awareness in business, industry and Govt. 
  • ·Training, education of stakeholders 
  • ·Conference, research 

WG2: EC-Pak Infrastructure

  • ·Plan, implement and monitor infrastructure 
  • ·Coordinate with international agencies for investment 

WG5: Financial Working Group

  • EFT enablement of banks
  • Bank to Bank
  • Inter-bank
  • Bank-stakeholder

WG3: Trade Facilitation 

  • ·Standardize message structure for Internet /EDI/XML 
  • ·Set procedures 
  • ·Low cost, proven and effective solution to the end users 
  • ·Co-ordinate with UN/EDICAFT and AFACT 

WG4: Legal Working Group

  • ·Promotional legislation 
  • ·Liaison with international bodies for cyber laws implications 
  • ·Protection from cyber crimes  

ECWG Sub-Groups

Group Member Group
Mr. Usmani     Regulation
Mr. Sattar & Sattar
Shabbar Zaidi
Ahsan Rizvi
Amjad Jamshed
Zaheer Asif
Mahmood Sadiq EFT
Arif Siddiqui Standard Chartered
Amjad MCB
Omar Asghar
Javed Naushahi
Zaheer Asif
Ahmed Allauddin
M. M. Khan Awareness
Humayun Qureshi
Anwar Hussain
Atiq ur Rehman
Sohail Jawwad
Salma Mirza
Dr. Asim
Dr. Irfan Hyder  Infrastructure
Javed Agha
Javed Naushahi
Masood Bhatti
Usmani (Banks Network)
M. Mohsin (Epbnetwork)
Javed Agha(CRnetwork)
PIA/APL/Port Qasim(Portsnetwork
Zafar Iqbal Trade Facilitation
Imtiaz Ahmed
Atiq Ur Rehman
Rehan Wahid
M.M Khan
Shahid Mirza 

[The following list is not complete. It is in fact the list of participants of the first meeting held at IBA]

Name Name of Group Designation Company
Mirza Anwar Hussain Awareness Head of IT Department CDC  
Mr. Ayaz Ghaznavi   Chief Executive Computer World
Mr. Zainul Abedin   Consultant Ex. CDC
Mr. Humayun Qureshi   Consultant Ex. IBM
Mr. Inayat A. Ibrahim   Consultant CSP and Ex. IBM
Mr. M. M. Khan   Chief Executive National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
Faisal Khan   MD Net Access
Dr. Irfan Ahmed     PACE
Mr. Rehan Wahid   FEO SBP
Salma Mirza    IBA  
Mr. Omar Asghar EFT Head of Non-stop Banking ABN-Amro Bank  
Mr. Amjad Farooq SVP MCB  
Mr. Mahmood Siddiq   Information Systems SBP
Arif Siddiqui     Standard Chartered Bank
Mr. Samee Askari     CSP
Mr. Furqan Qureshi      APIIT
Dr. M. Usman Facilitation Deputy Director EPB, MoC  
Mr. Atiqur Rahman   Director Jamal Yellow Pages
Mr. Zafar Iqbal   Collector Customs Pakistan Customs, CBR
Mr. Shahid Mirza   Chief Executive Saztel
Mr. Sohail Jawwad   FEO SBP
Zainab Hameed     IBA
Mr. Javed Agha      PRAL, a subsidiary of CBR
Mr. Atiqur Rahman      ECGateway and Jamal Yellow Pages
Mr. Usmani      
Mr. Amir Usmani Facilitation, Infrastructure, Regulations Foreign Exchange Officer SBP  
Mr. Faisal Javed Infrastructure Manager APL  
Dr. Asim   VP Cressoft
Mr. Muhammad Mohsin   Director EDF
Mr. Mohsin   Director EPB
Mr. Aftab Alam   Secretary IT Task Force, Government of Sind
Mr. Fida Hussain Samoo   Manager Pakistan Insurance Corporation
Mr. Masood Bhatti   Director PDN PTCL
Mr. Zia Khan   Chief Executive Xenosys
Mr. Ashir     CresSoft
Dr. Irfan Hyder     Deputy Director IBA
Mr. Javed Naushahi     CSP 
Mr. Usmani      SBP
Mr. Sikandar Gulzar Regulation Sr. Partner Anjum Asim Shahid & Co.  
Mr. Shabbar Zaidi   FCA Partner Fergusons
Mr. Waqas Muslim   Principal Consultant FPCCI
Mr. Ahsan Rizvi   Executive Rizvi Isa & Company
Mr. Abdul Sattar   Chief Executive Sattar & Sattar & Co.
Shazia Yaqub     IBA
Mr. Amjad Jamshed Regulation & Tax I.A.C Income Tax  
Zaheer Asif Regulation/EFT   IBA  
Mr. Tauqir Ghani   Chief Executive Softnet Systems