Chronology of Events

SrChrono-logy RefDateChronology of E-Commerce Project ActivitiesType of ActivityCategory
Establishment of E-Commerce Working Group. IT Policy Presentation in IslamabadMeeting of national IT expertsMoST
21.24-Apr-00Contacted Governor SBP, seeking SBP’s and banks  participation in E-Commerce Working Group (ECWG)Coordination with SBPBanks
31.34-Apr-00Contacted IT Commission for seeking nominations of resource persons for ECWG from SBP, CBR, EPB, MoCCoordination with stakeholder ministries and departmentsStake-holders
41.47-Apr-00Prepared agenda for First ECWG meeting focused on different stakeholdersInvited prominent stakeholders from private and public sectorECWG 
51.58-Apr-00First meeting of E-Commerce Working Groups (ECWG) for Trade Facilitation, EFT, Law and InfrastructureEstablished EC Working Groups of major stakeholdersECWG
61.613-Apr-00Review at SBP of recommendations of ECWG meeting of 8 AprCoordination with SBP and  other stakeholdersECWG
71.719-Apr-00Minister’s MoST wish to play a key role in EC implementationAssignment from MoSTMoST
81.821-Apr-00Submitted E-Commerce Objectives & Action Plan as suggested in 17/4/00 IT Policy Meeting in IslamabadPrepared EC Action Plan & SummaryMoST
91.9*24-Apr-00Organized 2-day National E-Commerce Conference: Over 600 participants, 30 speakersNational EC Conference with over 600 participantsEvent
101.1025-Apr-00Organized workshop of 4 WGs at EC Conference on advice of Chairman EPB; ~ 50 participants in each WG Obtained consensus on EC Action Plan in IT PolicyECWG
112.13-May-00Review of conference recommendations of EFTWG: Issues of Internet transfers, standards, HR, inter-bank transfersFWG meeting of 14 stakeholdersECWG 
122.24-May-00Preparation of pilot project proposals recommended by the TFWG during April 26 workshop TFWG meeting of 11 stakeholdersECWG
132.310-May-00Preparation of TOR for ECH and proposal for seminars for bankers and internet merchant accountsFWG meeting of 14 stakeholdersECWG 
142.4*11-May-00Meeting with Minister S&T, presentation of proposals/ recommendations of ECWG meetings. IslamabadCoordination with MoST regarding EC initiativesECWG
152.5*12-May-00Seminar on E-Commerce by CSP Islamabad. Over 150 participants briefed about the E-Commerce action planAwareness of over 150 participants, 3 speakersEvent
162.616-May-00Ministry’s letter indicating that Pakistan’s law need to be modeled on Singapore’s Elect. Trans. ActAssignment from MoSTMoST
172.716-May-00Submitted workshop recommendations to EPB Chairman regarding concrete steps for e-commerce implementationPreparation of recommendations for  MoCStake-holders
182.817-May-00Evaluation of proposed ECH requirements, and electronic utility bills payments systems by financial sector expertsFWG meeting of 13 membersECWG 
192.9b18-May-00Submitted a summarized month-wise fast-pace Action Plan on the request of MinistryModified Action Plan as per MoST’s  requirementsMoST
202.9a18-May-00Prepared drafts for Internet Merchant Accounts, SBP meeting agenda, coordination with ministries etc.Coordination with MoST and Stakeholders and SBPMoST
212.1018-May-00Prepared draft letter for SBP Governor to issue proposed TORs for enabling Internet Merchant Account. DFA1Prepared TOR for Internet Merchant AccountsBanks
222.1118-May-00Coordinated with UN AFACT secretariat for Pakistan’s membership to gain from experience of UN regional council for e-business & trade facilitation under UN. DFA 2Initiated linkages with International bodies that set standardsInter-national
232.1218-May-00Prepared draft agenda for Minister’s meeting with SBP Governor for coordination for EC implementation. DFA 3Prepared proposals and meeting agendaBanks
242.1318-May-00Prepared draft notification of the E-Commerce Technology Board for consensus building of stakeholders (DFA 4)Proposal for setting up of a focal point & execution agencyStake-holders
252.1418-May-00Finalized procedure for exports < $500, defined pilot project and related cyber laws for EC exports through internetTFWG meeting of 7 members of the stakeholder organizationsECWG
262.1518-May-00Initiated process of MoST & Law ministry coordination for meeting the E-Commerce legal requirementsCoordination with law ministry through MoSTMoST
272.1622-May-00Minister MoST meets ECWG members to finalize actions on the proposals and other open issues. Prepared agenda, action items, and minutesMoST
282.1723-May-00Minuted actions assigned in May 22 meeting with Minister S&T and executed actions requiring drafts preparationsActions on behalf of MoSTMoST
292.1823-May-00Prepared draft agenda for cabinet meeting on E-Commerce Implementation Plan on MoSTr’s 22/5 instruction: DFA 5Consensus building and commitment of the CabinetMoST
302.1923-May-00Prepared draft agenda for meeting with Law Minister for E-Commerce Ordinance as discussed in 22/5 meeting; DFA 6Submitted draft ordinance and relevant material for reviewMoST
312.2023-May-00Prepared draft for establishing e-commerce wing/cell at relevant ministries and depts: Ref 22/5 meeting. DFA 7Coordination with Ministries for  EC execution cellsMoST
322.2123-May-00Prepared draft for encouraging setup of provincial IT Boards Sindh, NWFP as per 22/5 meeting. DFA 8Coordination with provinces for needed execution infrastructureMoST
332.2223-May-00Prepared draft to request time on TV for e-commerce implementation plan as per 22/5 meeting. DFA 9Coordination with Info Min for awareness & commitmentMoST
342.2323-May-00Letter from Minister MoST to study e-security issuesAssignment from MoSTMoST
352.2423-May-00Minister’s acknowledgement of draft letters of 18/5/2000Coordination with MoSTMoST
362.2524-May-00Evaluation of the feasibility of Internet Merchant Accounts and preparation of agenda for SBP Governor meetingFWG meeting of 6 membersECWG
372.2625-May-00Sent agenda for Minister’s meeting with Governor SBPPreparation of agenda and proposals for MoSTMoST
382.2727-May-00Finalized proposals for Governo’s meeting on EFT, Merchant Accounts, EC Network, pilot project, ECHFWG meeting of 9 membersECWG
392.2829-May-00Ministry informed about the participation of 8 ECWG members in the scheduled meeting with Governor SBPCoordination with MoSTMoST
402.2929-May-00Secy MoST’s assurance to reimburse travel expenses of three ECWG members for SBP Gov meetingSecy MoST’s letterMoST
412.3030-May-00Proposed e-Banking Plan to Governor SBP with Minister & Secy, MoST and ECWG members in IslamabadPrepared e-Banking plan,  presentation to SBP GovernorBanks
423.11-Jun-00Procedure for up to $500 E-Commerce exports facilitation  Discussions on TradePoint, returns, QA proceduresTFWG meeting of 8 members for refinement of the procedureECWG 
433.23-Jun-00Draft for Internet Merchant Account Circular and justification for Governor SBP from MoSTECWG meeting of 11 members for coordination with SBPBanks
443.35-Jun-00Presented MoC with E-Commerce action plan, recommendations and  progress report of ECWG in response to meeting and discussionCoordination with MoCStake-holders
453.46-Jun-00Coordination with MoST for followup on open issues contained in 11 drafts from DFA1-11 in IslamabadCoordination with MoST on progressMoST
463.56-Jun-00Prepared draft for requesting participation from ministries not actively contributing in ECWG meetings DFA 10Coordination with Stakeholder MinistriesMoST
473.66-Jun-00Drafted agenda for meeting at MoST to win commitment of relevant ministries on EC Legislation. DFA 11Prepared meeting agendaMoST
483.78-Jun-00E-Commerce Pilot Project (merchant account) meeting at EPB with stakeholders to resolve the pending issuesCoordination with EPB, MoCStake-holders
493.88-Jun-00Minister’s acknowledgement of draft letters of 6/6/2000Coordination with MoSTMoST
503.99-Jun-00Arrangements made for seminar on E-Commerce and E-BankingCoordination with BanksBanks
513.1010-Jun-00Development of procedure for e-form pilot project and discussion on open procedural issuesTFWG of 9 stakeholdersECWG
523.1112-Jun-00Analysis of IT Ordinance Draft and development of proposalsLegalWG meeting with 12 stakeholdersECWG 
533.1212-Jun-00Resolution of issues in procedure for internet related shipmentsTGWG of 7 participantsECWG 
543.1315-Jun-00Circular for Internet Merchant Account from  SBP: FE-6Output Result with coordination with SBPBanks
553.1417-Jun-00Info to Minister about Circular on Internet Merchant Accounts and proposal for seminarsCoordination with MoSTBanks
563.1519-Jun-00Prepared presentation for inter-ministerial meeting with stakeholder ministriesLegal WG meeting of 9 stakeholdersECWG 
573.1620-Jun-00Presentation on E-Commerce law roadmap in Inter-Ministerial Meeting at Islamabad with ECWGCoordination with Ministries with MoSTMoST
583.1721-Jun-00Presentation to Chief Executive and Federal Cabinet in IslamabadPrepared national EC action plan and recommendations MoST
593.1822-Jun-00Bill sent to MoST for reimbursement of expenses with reference to Secy MoST’s assurance of May 29,2000Bill for expensesMoST
603.1924-Jun-00Dissemination of National E-Commerce Action Plan presented to Cabinet at NCR SeminarAwareness of over 400 participantsEvent
613.2026-Jun-00Prepared proposal for EC Board and summary for circulation based on the proposal presented to Cabinet. DFA SummaryCoordination with MoST for setting up of execution infrastructureMoST
623.2127-Jun-00Progress report to Minister Science & Technology and invitation to chair KCCI seminarCoordination with MoST and updateMoST
633.2227-Jun-00Coordination with KCCI/SITE regarding E-Commerce for Trade & industryCoordination with stakeholder trade organizations Stake-holders
643.2329-Jun-00Coordination with Governor SBP for setting agenda and gaining consensus of banks on the e-Banking action planProposed issues for highlightingBanks
653.2429-Jun-00Coordination with Governor Sindh for support on EC initiatives of MoST, prepared program and draft speechCoordination with StakeholdersStake-holders
664.18-Jul-00Identification of issues in the development of EFT infrastructure at the inter-branch levelFWG meeting with 12 stakeholdersECWG
674.210-Jul-00Progress report to Secretary IT & Telecom Division for strategizing EC initiatives and review of progressCoordination with MoST on open issuesMoST
684.310-Jul-00Information & invitation to Secretary MoST about the seminar for bankers and coordination for attendingCoordination with MoST for  banking initiativesMoST
694.411-Jul-00Information and invitation to Secretary S&T about the seminar for bankers and coordination for attendingCoordination with MoST for  banking initiativesMoST
704.5*13-Jul-00Presentation of eBanking/EFT plan in seminar for bankers  Chaired by Governor SBP. Presentations by 5 area experts in e-Banking and e-Commerce Over 200 participants.SBP Governor presented with national, ECH, infrastructure proposalsBanks
714.614-Jul-00Coordination with NIFT on Electronic Clearing plansCoordination with SBPBanks
724.714-Jul-00Evaluation of alternatives for  National EFT Data Comm Network by stakeholders and area expertsFWG meeting with 7 participantsECWG
734.822-Jul-00Submission to Minister & Secretary of Draft Notification for PECBRevision of draft notificationMoST
744.925-Jul-00Costing of National network for Intra bank EFT of major branches. Development of NPS PlanFWG meeting with 7 participantsECWG
754.1026-Jul-00Progress report on e-banking initiatives and coordination with SBP and follow up with Ministry in IslamabadCoordination with MoST. 2-day visitMoST
764.11*29-Jul-00Two day course on E-Commerce and Electronic Transactions for professionals. Prepared training programTraining of 20 participantsEvent
775.11-Aug-00Governor SBP endorse  financial sector EC action plan & forms Electronic Clearing House Task Force in a meeting with FWG participantsAchievement of FWGBanks
785.11-Aug-00Updated Minister MoST on plans presented to SBP and identification of issues requiring followup actionsCoordination with MoST on banking initiativesMoST
795.22-Aug-00Coordination with MoST for visit expenses Coordination with international expertsMoST
805.3*3-Aug-00Progress report and discussion with Ministry officials on ECH task force in IslamabadCoordination with MoSTMoST
815.47-Aug-00E-Comemrce/E-Banking Plan presentation to ECH Task Force of SBP: briefing on the objectives of the task forceCoordination with SBP, banksBanks
825.57-Aug-00FWG meeting at IBA and review with Secy IT&T of tasks at PTCLCoordination with MoST, PTCLECWG
835.68-Aug-00Submitted drafts and coordination on progress of various initiativesCoordination with MoST 
845.6a8-Aug-00Prepared agenda for meeting with CBR Chairman and E-Commerce plan for electronic trade faciliation. DFA-12Coordination of MoST with CBRMoST
855.6b8-Aug-00Prepared agenda for meeting with EPB Chairman and  E-Commerce plan for facilitating exporters. DFA-13Coordination with MoST and EPBMoST
865.6c8-Aug-00Prepared agenda for E-Commerce Planning meeting with Secretary, Min of Finance. DFA-14Coordination with MoST and MoFMoST
875.6d8-Aug-00Prepared agenda for E-Commerce planning meeting with Secy Communications, heads of port authorities. DFA-15Coordination with MoST and Min of CommMoST
885.7*8-Aug-00Review of E-Commerce Progress in Islamabad with MoST officialsCoordination with MoSTMoST
895.8*12-Aug-00Organization of 1-day Opstec Conference on E-Commerce at Lahore in collaboration with ECWGAwareness of over 300 participants, 12 speakersEvent
905.915-Aug-00Coordination with Minister for Finance, Govt of Sindh for commitment on E-Commerce implementationCoordination with Stakeholder departmentsStake-holders
915.1017-Aug-00Identified survey questions for obtaining autmation status of banks with reference to Ecommerce & ebankingFWG meeting of 7 membersECWG 
925.1121-Aug-00Coordination with Ministry for meeting in Islamabad to discuss progress on open action items, request for TA/DACoordination with MoST on progress and expensesMoST
935.12*23-Aug-00E-Commerce Challenges for Software Houses Seminar at IBA, for identifying ITrequirements in collaboration with ECWGAwareness of 300 professionals participated, 6 speakersEvent
945.1325-Aug-00Development of  Survey questionnaire to determine status of automation of banks in coordination with ECWG and ECH Task ForceCoordination with SBPBanks
955.1425-Aug-00Finalized E-Commerce action plan proposals and presentation for CBR TFWG meeting with 11 stakeholdersECWG 
965.1525-Aug-00Proposal for sharing of EC Network design with PTCL on instructions of Secy IT&TCoordination with StakeholdersMoST
975.1626-Aug-00Presentation of electronic trade facilitation action plan relating to Chairman CBR along with Secy IT at IslamabadPrepared & presented action plan presentation MoST
985.1728-Aug-00Progress report to Secy, IT on various submission and issues. Request for expenses for international meetingsCoordination with MoST on progress and expensesMoST
995.17a28-Aug-00Revised draft Summary & Notification for EC BoardCoordination with MoST on execution infrastructureMoST
1005.17b28-Aug-00Coordination for use of GE infrastructure in PakistanCoordination with MoST for pilot projectMoST
1015.17c28-Aug-00Proposal for AFACT participation by PakistanCoordination with MoSTMoST
1025.1828-Aug-00Followup on presentation to CBR Chairman and request for CBR’s representative’s participation at 18th AFACT meeting at TaipeiCoordination with MinistriesStake-holders
1035.19*29-Aug-00Presentation to Chairman EPB of EC Action Plan for Exporters with Secy IT&T and request for EPB’s representation at 18th AFACTPrepared action plan presentationMoST
1046.1*5-Sep-001-day EC Workshop at Karachi for bankers & other  professionalsTraining of over 20 professionalsEvent
1056.2*7-Sep-00E-Commerce for Exporters Seminar at Sialkot. Presentation of E-Commerce plan for exportersAwareness Seminar of over 100 participantsEvent
1066.37-Sep-00MoST designates offical delegation for AFACT visit to TaiwanCoordination with MoST and international rep. EC bodiesMoST
1076.48-Sep-00Coordination with Chambers of Commerce & Industries of Pakistan: FPCCI, KCCI, SITE, PSW, MUL, FSL, RWP, ISB, LHR, SLKT, QUETCoordination with major CCI StakeholdersStake-holders
1086.59-Sep-00Representation of Multan CCI to ECWGCoordination with major CCI StakeholdersStake-holders
1096.611-Sep-005-day AFACT Annual Meeting in Taiwan. Pakistan was made 14th member of Asia Pacific Council for E-Business and Trade Facilitation.Collaboration with Intl experts, vetting of National EC Plan Inter-national
1106.7*12-Sep-00Presentation of E-Commerce Country Report to AFACT participant countriesPrepared Country Status ReportInter-national
1116.7a*13-Sep-00Mr. Kienji Itoh, JASTPRO, Japan. Presentation of the EC Action plan Invitation for EDI seminarInter-national
1126.7b*14-Sep-00David Lasse, EDI-IndonesiaPilot project evaluationInter-national
1136.7c*14-Sep-00Mr. Romy, TradeVan, TaiwanEC plan presentationInter-national
1146.7d*14-Sep-00Mr. Aruni K. Goonetilleke, CINTEC-Sri LankaMeeting with iternational expertsInter-national
1156.7e*14-Sep-00Ms. Siti Amina Abdullah, Rosna Safi MAMPO, Customs, MalaysiaTAP initiative discussion 
1166.814-Sep-00Representation of FPCCI to ECWGCoordination with major CCI StakeholdersStake-holders
1176.7f*15-Sep-00 Dr. M. Navandian, Deputy Minister of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce, IranSharing of experience on EC implementationInter-national
1186.916-Sep-00Development of guidelines for Infrastructure, Awareness & Communication, Technology for ECH. ECH Task Force meeting of over 12 stakeholdersBanks
1196.1018-Sep-00Progress report to Minister on visit to 18th AFACT Meeting in Taiwan and SNS in SingaporeCoordination with MoSTMoST
1206.1119-Sep-00Minister acknowledged AFACT report and requested for a PC-1Coordination with MoSTMoST
1216.1221-Sep-00Coordination with Sarhad CCI for ECWG participationCoordination with major CCI StakeholdersStake-holders
1226.1321-Sep-00Representation of SITE Super highway association on ECWGCoordination with StakeholdersStake-holders
1236.14*21-Sep-00Requirements analysis with Ministry officials on the requested PC-1s Coordination with MoSTMoST
1246.15*25-Sep-00E-Commerce plan presentation at Freight Forwarders Association Workshop on E-Commerce for LogisticsAwareness of over 80 participants, 8 speakersEvent
1257.12-Oct-00Preparation and submission of EC Board PC-1 Prepared PC-1MoST
1267.2*3-Oct-00Coordination with MoST on the processing of submitted PC-1s in IslamabadOperationalizing the EC projectMoST
1277.39-Oct-00Proposed alternatives of IT Commission for Govt. E-Commerce setup and possible execution agenciesCoordination with MoST & other departmentsMoST
1287.4*10-Oct-00Coordination with IT Commission, PRAL, Comsats for operationlizing the EC implementation plan in IslamabadCoordination with StakeholdersStake-holders
1297.518-Oct-00Coordination with MoST on the lack of implementation progress & need for establishing execution infrastructureExpediting the execution processMoST
1307.620-Oct-00Representation of SITE Association on ECWGCoordination with StakeholdersStake-holders
1317.7*21-Oct-00E-Commerce Bryj Seminar at IBA, Karachi in collaboration with ECWGAwareness of ~300 participants, 5 speakersEvent
1327.822-Oct-00Detailed presentation of EC progress and action plan with Mr. Tariq Habib, ComTrust, UAEPKI and security initiativesInter-national
1337.823-Oct-00Presentation/review of EC trade sector plan of TFWG with Tariq Habib, expert from Itisalaat, on behest of MoST12 TFWG members’ interaction with international expertsECWG 
1347.923-Oct-00Presentation/Review of financial sector plan prepared by FWG & ECH task force by Tariq Habib, on MoST’s behestCoordination with international expertsECWG 
1357.1024-Oct-00Review of ECWG action plan with Minister & presentation of Tariq Habib to the Ministry in IslamabadCoordination with international expertsMoST
1367.1124-Oct-00Ministry’s followup on action items in 18 Oct progress reportCoordination on progressMoST
1377.1225-Oct-00Awareness efforts in collaboration with KCCICoordination with StakeholdersMoST
1387.1328-Oct-00E-Commerce Board PC-1 approved by DDWP subject to approval of board by Cabinet in IslamabadResultMoST
1397.1431-Oct-00Request for payment of IBA E-Commerce Expenses with reference to communication of Director IBA & MinisterExecution Resources for EC Project from MoSTMoST
1407.1531-Oct-00Prepared & sent drafts for EC Board Summary and Notification on Secy MoST’s instructions: Ref 28 Oct  conditional DDWPapproval Prepared draft summary, notificationMoST
1418.16-Nov-00Interactions with PTCL on National EC Networks establishmentCoordination with PTCLStake-holders
1428.2*7-Nov-00E-Commerce plan presented at Mobile Commerce seminar at Marriot KarachiAwareness of over 300 participants, 5 speakersEvent
1438.3*12-Nov-00Followup with Ministry on DDWP’s approval status of EC Board PC1 and discussion on future course of actions in IslamabadCoordination with MoST on execution infrastructureMoST
1448.4*13-Nov-001-day E-Commerce in Banking Workshop at Karachi for Banking ProfessionalsEC/E-Banking Training of ~15 bankers, 3 speakersEvent
1458.5*15-Nov-00Summary for E-Commerce Board circulated to ministries to gain their participation in E-Commerce projectCoordination with othe ministries for consensus buildingMoST
1468.617-Nov-00E-Commerce Seminar for Bankers. Chaired by Gov SBP, Minister S&T. Attended by all top bankers and executivesAwareness/Training of over 200 senior bankers,  5 speakersEvent
1478.7*18-Nov-00Presentation of E-Commerce plan at Dialog Forum Seminar and meeting with Secy and MinisterEC awareness of 100 participants at the seminarEvent
1488.8*20-Nov-001-Day E-Commerce & e-Banking Workshop at Islamabad for Banking ProfessionalsEC training of over 25 bankers, 5 speakersEvent
1498.9a & 8.9b23-Nov-00MoST’s TORs IT03-C/66 & IT03-C/58 for consultancy assignments and pre-qualification of consultantsMoST issues TORs after pre-qualificationsMoST
1508.1024-Nov-00ECH Task Force Meeting at SBP to discuss the pilot project for Bank2Bank electronic funds transfer Coordination with SBP for consensus building of bankersBanks
1518.11*25-Nov-00Paper on Standardization of Electronic Documents for E-Commerce at IEEEP conference Awareness/Training of ~100 IT professionalsEvent
1528.1228-Nov-00Prepared draft agenda for meeting with SBP Governor to finalize action items of 17th Nov Seminar and meeting with Minister MoSTCoordination for MoSTand  SBP’s joint initiatives for E-BankingBanks
1538.1329-Nov-00Evaluation of MoC views on E-Commerce Board. Received for comments and preparation of replyCoordination among MoC and MoSTMoST
1548.1429-Nov-00Minister’s advice to remain in touch directly and frequently to move the project forward. Coordination on progress, visit of McGill ProfessorMoST
1558.1530-Nov-00Review of suggested replies to MoC with MoST officials in IslamabadCoordination with MoSTMoST
1569.11-Dec-00Progress report on meetings with Banks and suggestion for taking up the automation status of banks with SBP in meeting with GovernorCoordination with banks, MoST and SBPMoST
1579.2a & 9.2b5-Dec-00MoST’s reminder on consultancy proposals submission for Ecommerce and handbook projects: Ref: IT03-C59 & C52Consultancy proposal deadline specified as 8th Dec 2000MoST
1589.35-Dec-00Update to Ministry on possible strategies for replying to MoC commentsCoordinatin with MoST and MoCMoST
1599.45-Dec-00Report on E-Commerce Network for Minister S&T’s meeting with World Bank expertsReport on E-Commerce Network submittedMoST
1609.57-Dec-00Visit of Governor SBP to MoST and assignment of Dr. Irfan Hyder to officially coordinate with Banks on roadmapCoordination with MoST, SBP and ECWGBanks
1619.67-Dec-00Proposal for Pakistan Institute of Electronic CommerceAlternative execution infrastructureMoST
1629.8*10-Dec-00Meeting with Minister on e-Commerce Conference & SBP related coordination in IslamabadCoordination with MoST on open issuesMoST
1639.913-Dec-00Assignment by SBP of Dr. Irfan Hyder to coordinate 18-month Roadmap of banks on behalf of MoSTCoordination with SBP and MoSTMoST
1649.1018-Dec-00Ministry’s request to expedite preparation of comments on MoC letter Coordination with MoST and MoCMoST
1659.1119-Dec-00Prepared a detailed reply for MoC views on E-Commerce board and para-wise comments and repliesCoordination with MoST and MoCMoST
1669.1220-Dec-00NBP’s president’s letter to Governor SBP regarding progress on IT stateCoordination with banksBanks
16710.19-Jan-01Letter of President HBL to Governor SBP on e-commerce plan forwarded to Minister S&T.Study and evaluation of the bank’s readiness statusBanks
16810.2*16-Jan-011-Day E-Commerce &e-Banking Workshop at Lahore for Banking ProfessionalsTraining of ~ 50 participants, 5 speakersEvent
16910.3*16-Jan-01Mr. Wong, Jeh Shyne, CommerceNet, SingaporeIncubators and E-Commerce solutionsInter-national
17010.417-Jan-01Consultancy agreement between IT&T, MoST and Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder Associates for E-Commerce Project and mobilization advanceFormalization of consultancy relationshipMoST
17110.518-Jan-01Minister’s reply to HBL on the reported status and direction for preparing a clear 18 month planCoordination with banks and MoSTBanks
17210.622-Jan-01MoST’s letter to SBP on the  pace of implementation of Internet Merchant AccountCoordination with banks and SBPBanks
17310.7*22-Jan-01Review of action plan/evaluation of security alternatives with Mr. Aftab Rizvi, Security Consulting, AustraliaPKI and security initiativesInter-national
17410.823-Jan-01Request from MoST to return the amount given by it through PSEBCoordination with MoST on expenses for the projectMoST
17510.9*23-Jan-01CSP Seminar and Meeting with Aftab Rizvi, GGS-AU, e-synergies Pty Ltd, AustraliaInternational expertsEvent
17610.10*23-Jan-01E-Commerce Implementation Pakistan: in Special Issue of “IT-Future of Pakistan” Dawn Conference & ExhibitionArticle in Special Issue on IT of DawnEvent
17710.1127-Jan-01Correspondence of banks, SBP& MoST forwarded to Dr. Irfan Hyder for comments, evaluation and followupCoordination with banksBanks
17810.12*27-Jan-01Meeting with GE experts from Saudi Arabia and Dubai in Dubai for the enablement of GE Switch in PakistanFast enabling of EC infrastructureInter-national
17910.1327-Jan-01Submission of pilot project details to SBP and expression of interest of SBP for participation in electronic reporting to SBP projectProgress on implementing the pilot project in coordination with SBPBanks
18010.1430-Jan-01Preparation of Inter-Bank EFT Pilot Project Report by ECH Task ForceCoordination with banks and development of the pilot projectBanks
18110.1530-Jan-01Progress report submitted to the Ministry, with information  about the Dubai visit to evaluate eCommerce solutionsCoordination with MoSTMoST
18210.1630-Jan-01Ministry’s commitment to continue support for the project and emphasis on prompt submission of the PC-1sNeed for full-time personnel for EC project through the PC1sMoST
18310.1730-Jan-01PC1: Development of E-Commerce Messages for B2B Exchange of Commercial Docs submitted with detailed annexuresSubmission to MoST of a pilot project involving all stakeholdersMoST
18411.11-Feb-01Minister’s followup on the PC1s submissionsCoordination with MoSTMoST
18511.26-Feb-01PC1: E-Commerce Awareness and Training submitted with detailed annexuresSubmission to MoST of a concrete projectMoST
18611.3*10-Feb-01Presentation of IT Management Skills required for large E-Commerce/E-Government projects at  KIIT Seminar Awareness of over 100 IT professionalsEvent
18711.4*10-Feb-01Review of EC project’s progress with Minister  MoST at HEJ and discussion on possible alternatives for the execution infrastructureDecision to explore execution of project under COMSATMoST
18811.517-Feb-01PC-1’s modified and sent to Dr. Hameed, COMSATS for setting up suitable execution infrastructure on Minister’s instructionsSubmission to MoST of concrete projet reports and detailsMoST
18911.617-Feb-01PC-1: E-Commerce Development Project with annexures submitted for establishment of the project directoratePC1 submitted to Minister and Dr. Hameed of COMSATSMoST
19011.718-Feb-01Request from MoST to return the amount given by it through PSEBCoordination with MoST on expensesMoST
19111.818-Feb-01Developed a framework for quarterly evaluation of banks’ IT roadmaps as desired by Minister S&T.  Sent to banks by MinistryTranslation of MoST’s expectations in to a compact questionnaireBanks
19211.919-Feb-01Followup on meeting with Minister for setting up focal point and the missing infrastructure for EC projectsExecution infrastructure requirements for EC projectMoST
19311.10a19-Feb-01DFA-29: Proposed setting up of an E-Commerce Task Force to resolve the issue of missing execution infrastructureTemporary alternative for a permanent setupMoST
19411.10b19-Feb-01DFA-26: Focal point for coordination with AFACT for further collaborationsCoordination with MoST and regional EC organizationMoST
19511.10c19-Feb-01Prepared agenda for interministerial meeting for sharing e-commerce plans and gaining commitment for the initiative. DFA-24Continuing efforts to setup a platform for consensus buildingMoST
19611.10d19-Feb-01Resent draft reply to MoC comments for followup actions. DFA-28Need for stimulating MoC’s consensus on EC projectMoST
19711.10e19-Feb-01Efforts to seek nominations from ministries not yet actively participating in ECWG. DFA-27Activating stakeholder ministries in the EC projectMoST
19811.11*21-Feb-01Presenation of EC Plan & Building Blocks and strategies to Mr. Asim Abdullah, CommerceOne, USAReview of the action plan and strategiesInter-national
19911.12*21-Feb-01Review of action plan with Mr. Safi Qureshi, TiEReview with international expertsInter-national
20011.13*21-Feb-01Review of action plan with Mr. Mahboob Akhtar, Focus Soft, USAReview with international expertsInter-national
20111.1422-Feb-01Half-day E-Commerce in Banking Workshop at Peshawar for Banking ProfessionalsTraining of over 15 bankers by 3 expertsEvent
20211.1526-Feb-01Request for payment of second installment of consultancy  on submission of projects: Ecom/Feb/1Partial fulfillment of the consultancy assignmentMoST
20311.1626-Feb-01Mr. Farrukh Zafar, Director, Sanford S. Bernstien, USA, presentation on implementation strategiesReview of action plan and detailed meeting on EFT initiativesInter-national
20411.1727-Feb-01Meeting with Dr. Hameed & COMSATS team for review & submission 3 PC-1s/Annexures in IslamabadCoordination with MoST, COMSATS for exec agencyMoST
20512.11-Mar-01MoST sets up E-Commerce Task ForceFormalization of EC focal pointMoST
20612.2a1-Mar-01MoST’s Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Minister of FinanceCoordination with MoFMoST
20712.2b1-Mar-01MoST’s Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Minister of CommunicationCoordination with MoCommMoST
20812.2c1-Mar-01MoST’s Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Minister of  LawCoordination with MoLawMoST
20912.2d1-Mar-01MoST’s Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Dy Chairman Planning CommissionCoordination with Planning CommissionMoST
21012.2e1-Mar-01MoST’s Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Governor SBPCoordination with SBPMoST
21112.23-Mar-01MoST informs about the measures taken for EC ProjectMoST LetterMoST
21212.312-Mar-01MoST’s confusion over selection of an executing agency for E-Commerce PC1’sIdentification of executing agency for EC ProjectMoST
21312.4*12-Mar-01B2B and/or B2C E-Commerce for Pakistan. Action Plan disseminationArticle in Pak & Gulf EconomistEvent
21412.515-Mar-01Minister’s reply on selection of execution agency for E-Commerce PC1s; Comsats,  IT Commission, MoST or other alternativesConfusion on the execution agency for Ecommerce PC1sMoST
21512.6*16-Mar-01Evaluation of TradeSiam, EC provider of Thailand in visit to BangkokMeeting with International expertsInter-national
21612.719-Mar-01Report on visit to Thailand’s Trade Siam E-Commerce Service Provider, incorporation of lessons in project plansIncorporation of international experience of EC reportsMoST
21712.8*24-Mar-01Collaboration on behalf of MoST in 2-day International Conference on IT  Commerce Network Over 400 participants coordination with MoSTEvent
21812.8*25-Mar-01Datuk Haji A. Rashid bin Haji Belong, Royal Customs & Excise, MalysiaReview of plan and TAP coordination with CBRInter-national
21912.8*25-Mar-01Dr. Toh See Kiat, Intellectual Property & Internet Practice Group, Tan Peng Chin & Partners, SingaporeEnabling legal environment pre-requisitesInter-national
22012.8*25-Mar-01Mr. Iftikhar Nadeem, PakistanNet,  Saudi ArabiaRemittances and SA initiativesInter-national
22112.8*25-Mar-01Dr. Jackson Yip, Director, IOEC Pte Ltd, SingaporeCollaboration on EC infrastructureInter-national
22212.8*25-Mar-01Mr. David Leng Seaw Sik, EC Partners, MalaysiaReview of action plan and participation in TFWG meetingInter-national
22312.8*25-Mar-01Mr. Won-Tzzy-ya, TIE, SingaporeReview of EC Building Blocks Approach 
22412.8*25-Mar-01Dr. A Lee Gilbert, Nanyang Technological Univ, SingaporeEC Action plan building blocks reviewInter-national
22512.8*26-Mar-01Mr. C.K. Choi, Korea Institute of Eclectronic Commerce, KoreaMeeting with iternational expertsInter-national
22612.9*26-Mar-01E-Commerce Building Blocks presented at the HP SeminarSeminar with ~150 participants, 5 speakersEvent
22712.10*26-Mar-01Coordination of Malaysian delegation led by DDG Customs with CBR Chairman for finalizing the MOU with Government of Malaysia. Coordination with CBR on TAP for EC trade implementationStake-holders
22812.1127-Mar-01 International consultants, EC solution providers met with TFWG at SBP to review EC plan and projects for messages developmentTFWG meeting with international experts of 20 participantsECWG
22912.1229-Mar-01Ministry’s invitation to present ECommerce PC1s in DDWP meetingCoordination with MoSTMoST
23013.12-Apr-01Minister’s assignment to prepare replies for NBP and MCBCoordination with MoSTBanks
23113.2*2-Apr-01Presentation to DDWP of two E-Commerce PC-1s on Training & Messages exchange in IslamabadPC-1’s approval by DDWPMoST
23213.36-Apr-01Assignment from MoST to draft reply for HBL’s letterCoordination with banks & MoSTMoST
23313.47-Apr-01Assignment from MoST to draft reply to NBP’s president’s letterCoordination with banks & MoSTMoST
23413.59-Apr-01Meeting with SBP to finalize the pilot project details for the approved PC-1 and initiation of implementationCoordination with SBPBanks
23513.610-Apr-01EPB’s request to prepare E-Commerce Report/paper for ECO’s regional status. The paper prepared and sent for presentation in ECOCoordination with EPB, MoCStake-holders
23613.710-Apr-01Coordination with MoST on operationalizing of the approved E-Commerce ProjectsDiscussion on E-Commerce execution processMoST
23713.812-Apr-01MoU from Malaysian Customs for MoST for electronic trade faciliation implementationCoordination with MalaysiaInter-national
23813.912-Apr-01Assignment from MoST to respond to queries about E-Commerce and e-Banking in PakistanCoordination with Stakeholders and MoSTMoST
23913.1014-Apr-01Ministry informs about the approval of submitted PC1s by DDWP with copies of the minutesResources for execution infrastructure finally availableMoST
24013.11*17-Apr-01Coordination with MoST for establishing execution agency and next steps  for approved PC-1s in IslamabadOperationalizing the EC projectMoST
24113.1217-Apr-01Coordination with IT Commission on executing agency for approved PC1sConfusion over execution procedure for approved PC1sMoST
24213.1319-Apr-012-day Course on Internet and E-Commerce in Banking at Institute of Bankers Pakistan, KarachiEC and E-Banking Training of over 25 bankersEvent
24313.1424-Apr-01Instruction from Minister to prepare a reply for SBP GovernorCoordination with MoST & SBPMoST
24413.1525-Apr-01Detailed Action Plan submission for approved PC1s. Apr/01/MoST/3Request for remaining paymentsMoST
24513.1630-Apr-01Evaluated MCB roadmap & developed a Draft Reply for MCB for MoST to followupCoordination with MoST and BanksBanks
24614.12-May-01Evaluated HBL’s roadmap & developed draft comments for MoST to followupCoordination with MoST and BanksBanks
24714.2*7-May-01Minister S&T apprised on developments in E-Commerce Financial sector implementation plan. Islamabad visitMeeting in Islamabad to review execution statusBanks
24814.37-May-01Developed a draft reply for Governor SBP from MoST on IT status of banks and way forwardCoordination with MoST and SBPBanks
24914.47-May-01Evaluated NBP’s roadmap and developed draft reply for MoST to send to NBPCoordination with MoST and banksBanks
25014.58-May-01Ministry acknowledges receipt of MCB’s reply, reminder for NBPCoordination with MoST & banksMoST
25114.69-May-01Minister MoST issues e-Banking Reply to SBP based on the submitted draftCoordination with MoST & banksBanks
25214.7*11-May-01Meeting with Governor State bank and SBP officials for implementation of Internet merchant account May 11th.Merchant account progress and roadmap issuesBanks
25314.8*11-May-01Meeting with NBP officials to discuss E-Banking roadmap Evaluation of NBP’s automationBanks
25414.9*12-May-01Cost Efficiencies through E-Commerce, ICMAP SeminarCost Accountant’s role in ECEvent
25514.10*14-May-01Meeting with Network Solution Providers for EFT solutionsEvaluation of EFT solutionsBanks
25614.11*14-May-01Meeting with SCB delegation from UAE for merchant accountsMerchant account’s infrastructureBanks
25714.1215-May-01Minister S&T sets a new reporting procedure for EC project.Coordination with MoStMoST
25814.1317-May-01MoST informed about issues relating to executing agency for EC PC1s needed to be resolved for expediting implementationIssues of executing agency for E-Commerce projectsMoST
25914.14*18-May-01Meeting with NBP officials to discuss E-Banking roadmap Evaluation and coordinationBanks
26014.1519-May-01Minister refers the executing agency issue to Secretary and ministry officials for resolutionIssue of executing agencyMoST
26114.1621-May-01Ministry’s reply to HBL based on draft reply on roadmapCoordination with MoST & banksMoST
26214.17*23-May-01E-Commerce Legislation Meeting with  Legal Consultant on invitation of MoST in IslamabadCoordination with MoST & stakeholdersECWG
26314.1824-May-01Willingness of PRAL obtained for coordinating with MoST on implementing of pilot project approved in PC-1, meeting with PRAL in IslamabadCoordination with CBR and MoSTStake-holders
26414.19*29-May-01Meeting with Ministry officials, and submission of reports in IslamabadSubmission of draft reportsMoST
26515.16-Jun-01Meeting with Bank representatives, legal consultant on IT legislation at SBPCoordination with SBP & MoSTBanks
26615.27-Jun-01Arranged E-Commerce Legislation Workshop with over 60 participants and 4 speakers for delegation from MinistryCoordination with MoST officials and representativesECWG
26715.3*8-Jun-01Meeting with MoST officials on status of EC Projects that have been stalled since the approvals of the PC1sMoST informed about the stalled statusMoST
26815.413-Jun-01Reminder to MoST regarding remaining payments related to e-commerce consultancy project Query about the consultancy status MoST
26916.1a3-Jul-01MoST sends correspondence of NBP & MoST for evaluationCoordination with MoST & banksMoST
27016.1b7-Jul-01Correspondence of MCB, SBP, MoST sent for replyingCoordination with MoST & banksBanks
27116.211-Jul-01Proposed workshop on national EC implementation from 3 leading EC experts from UK, Canada and Japan Coordination with MoST and International expertsMoST
27216.317-Jul-01E-Commerce in Pakistan article exploring feasibility, pilot projects, PKI, and implementation issuesArtcile contribution for raising awarenessEvent
27316.4*20-Jul-01Meeting in Islamabad with Secretary to discuss status of EC Project. Secy desired another presentationDiscussion on EC Projects statusMoST
27416.5*30-Jul-01PKI Infrastructure for Pakistan: Article for raising awarenessArticle in Pak & Gulf EconomistEvent
27516.630-Jul-01MoST schedules a followup presentation for 4/8/01 on E-Commerce projectEC Projects briefingMoST
27617.14-Aug-01Presentation to Minister and Secy MoST, Advisor on EC project details and progressEC Projects briefing 
27717.26-Aug-01Minutes of the Meeting Held on E-Commerce Consultancy: ITC: 23/17/385, Aug 6, 01 describing action items for consultantsAction items assigned to the ConsultantsMoST
27817.36-Aug-01Prepared draft agenda for Minister’s meeting with Governor SBPCoordination with MoST & SBPBanks
27917.47-Aug-01Minister’s letter to SBP Governor to discuss open issuesCoordination with SBPMoST
28017.516-Aug-01Submission of action items assigned in MoST’s Minutes of EC Consultancy Meeting of 4/8/01: Ref ITC:23/17/385 of August 6, 2001Submission of praxis oriented brief on EC ProjectsMoST
28117.6*17-Aug-012- day Workshop on Disaster Recovery of E-Banking Systems for  Bankers at IBP, KarachiTraining of over 20 banks professionals, 3 speakersEvent
28217.722-Aug-01FWG and ECH meeting with banks representatives & advisor MoST at SBP to review the banking sector initiativesCoordination with MoST & banksECWG
28317.8*22-Aug-01Meeting of advisor MoST with Governor SBP, EC financial working group to review the implementation statusCoordination with banks & MoSTBanks
28418.14-Sep-01Ministry informed about participation in the 19th AFACT meetingCoordination with MoST on international linkagesMoST
28518.26-Sep-01Reminder about the remaining consultancy payments for E-Commerce Project: Sept/01/Most/01Reference to earlier correspondenceMoST
28618.328-Sep-01ECH Task Force Meeting to discuss ECH proposals and statusCoordination with banks & SBPBanks
28718.46-Oct-0119th AFACT Country Report of Pakistan presented at the  plenary sessionPresentation of EC Country Report to the international expertsInter-national
28818.4*6-Oct-01Mr. T.A.Khan, Ministry of Commerce, IndiaLogistics network and ports network implementationInter-national
28918.4*6-Oct-01Mr. Karimuddin, Business Manager, TradeNet, SingaporeReview of plan with international expertsInter-national
29018.4*6-Oct-015-day AFACAT meeting at Jakarta. Meetings with EC solution providers. Presentation of Country ReportSharing from the experience of International experts Inter-national
29118.4*6-Oct-01Mr. Tom Boutin, TIE, SingaporeInfrastructure for solution providerInter-national
29218.4*6-Oct-01Mr. S.R Shim, KT-Net, KoreaMeeting with iternational expertsInter-national
29318.4*6-Oct-01Mr. Will Keenan, UN/ESCAP, ThailandMeeting with iternational expertsInter-national
29418.4*6-Oct-01Mr. Micheal Lee, GE, SingaporeReview of plan with expertsInter-national
29518.4*6-Oct-01Mr. John Sanders, EDI-HongkongReview of initiativeInter-national
29618.4*6-Oct-01Mr. Chau-Hsiung Chou, FWG-TaiwanMeeting with international expertsInter-national
29718.4*6-Oct-01Mr. Dido, Marketing manager, EDI IndonesiaCollaboration on trainingInter-national
29818.5*25-Oct-01Mr. Shanta De Silva, UNCTADMeeting with international expertsInter-national
29918.62-Jan-02Development of Survey form for e-Banking Status for submission to SBPCoordination with banks & SBPBanks
30018.7*2-Jan-02Finalization of ECH Task Force report and presentation to Governor Coordination with banks &SBPBanks