Coordination with Ministry of Science and Technology

SrChrono-logy RefDateActivityType of ActivityMoST
11.11-Apr-00Establishment of E-Commerce Working Group. IT Policy Presentation in IslamabadMeeting of national IT expertsMoST
21.719-Apr-00Minister’s MoST wish to play a key role in EC implementationAssignment from MoSTMoST
31.821-Apr-00Submitted E-Commerce Objectives & Action Plan as suggested in 17/4/00 IT Policy Meeting in IslamabadPrepared EC Action Plan & SummaryMoST
42.616-May-00Ministry’s letter indicating that Pakistan’s law need to be modeled on Singapore’s Elect. Trans. ActAssignment from MoSTMoST
52.9b18-May-00Submitted a summarized month-wise fast-pace Action Plan on the request of MinistryModified Action Plan as per MoST’s  requirementsMoST
62.9a18-May-00Prepared drafts for Internet Merchant Accounts, SBP meeting agenda, coordination with ministries etc.Coordination with MoST and Stakeholders and SBPMoST
72.1518-May-00Initiated process of MoST & Law ministry coordination for meeting the E-Commerce legal requirementsCoordination with law ministry through MoSTMoST
82.1622-May-00Minister MoST meets ECWG members to finalize actions on the proposals and other open issues. Prepared agenda, action items, and minutesMoST
92.1723-May-00Minuted actions assigned in May 22 meeting with Minister S&T and executed actions requiring drafts preparationsActions on behalf of MoSTMoST
102.1823-May-00Prepared draft agenda for cabinet meeting on E-Commerce Implementation Plan on MoSTr’s 22/5 instruction: DFA 5Consensus building and commitment of the CabinetMoST
112.1923-May-00Prepared draft agenda for meeting with Law Minister for E-Commerce Ordinance as discussed in 22/5 meeting; DFA 6Submitted draft ordinance and relevant material for reviewMoST
122.2023-May-00Prepared draft for establishing e-commerce wing/cell at relevant ministries and depts: Ref 22/5 meeting. DFA 7Coordination with Ministries for  EC execution cellsMoST
132.2123-May-00Prepared draft for encouraging setup of provincial IT Boards Sindh, NWFP as per 22/5 meeting. DFA 8Coordination with provinces for needed execution infrastructureMoST
142.2223-May-00Prepared draft to request time on TV for e-commerce implementation plan as per 22/5 meeting. DFA 9Coordination with Info Min for awareness & commitmentMoST
152.2323-May-00Letter from Minister MoST to study e-security issuesAssignment from MoSTMoST
162.2423-May-00Minister’s acknowledgement of draft letters of 18/5/2000Coordination with MoSTMoST
172.2625-May-00Sent agenda for Minister’s meeting with Governor SBPPreparation of agenda and proposals for MoSTMoST
182.2829-May-00Ministry informed about the participation of 8 ECWG members in the scheduled meeting with Governor SBPCoordination with MoSTMoST
192.2929-May-00Secy MoST’s assurance to reimburse travel expenses of three ECWG members for SBP Gov meetingSecy MoST’s letterMoST
203.46-Jun-00Coordination with MoST for followup on open issues contained in 11 drafts from DFA1-11 in IslamabadCoordination with MoST on progressMoST
213.56-Jun-00Prepared draft for requesting participation from ministries not actively contributing in ECWG meetings DFA 10Coordination with Stakeholder MinistriesMoST
223.66-Jun-00Drafted agenda for meeting at MoST to win commitment of relevant ministries on EC Legislation. DFA 11Prepared meeting agendaMoST
233.88-Jun-00Minister’s acknowledgement of draft letters of 6/6/2000Coordination with MoSTMoST
243.1620-Jun-00Presentation on E-Commerce law roadmap in Inter-Ministerial Meeting at Islamabad with ECWGCoordination with Ministries with MoSTMoST
253.1721-Jun-00Presentation to Chief Executive and Federal Cabinet in IslamabadPrepared national EC action plan and recommendations MoST
263.1822-Jun-00Bill sent to MoST for reimbursement of expenses with reference to Secy MoST’s assurance of May 29,2000Bill for expensesMoST
273.2026-Jun-00Prepared proposal for EC Board and summary for circulation based on the proposal presented to Cabinet. DFA SummaryCoordination with MoST for setting up of execution infrastructureMoST
283.2127-Jun-00Progress report to Minister Science & Technology and invitation to chair KCCI seminarCoordination with MoST and updateMoST
294.210-Jul-00Progress report to Secretary IT & Telecom Division for strategizing EC initiatives and review of progressCoordination with MoST on open issuesMoST
304.310-Jul-00Information & invitation to Secretary MoST about the seminar for bankers and coordination for attendingCoordination with MoST for  banking initiativesMoST
314.411-Jul-00Information and invitation to Secretary S&T about the seminar for bankers and coordination for attendingCoordination with MoST for  banking initiativesMoST
324.822-Jul-00Submission to Minister & Secretary of Draft Notification for PECBRevision of draft notificationMoST
334.1026-Jul-00Progress report on e-banking initiatives and coordination with SBP and follow up with Ministry in IslamabadCoordination with MoST. 2-day visitMoST
345.11-Aug-00Updated Minister MoST on plans presented to SBP and identification of issues requiring followup actionsCoordination with MoST on banking initiativesMoST
355.22-Aug-00Coordination with MoST for visit expenses Coordination with international expertsMoST
365.3*3-Aug-00Progress report and discussion with Ministry officials on ECH task force in IslamabadCoordination with MoSTMoST
375.6a8-Aug-00Prepared agenda for meeting with CBR Chairman and E-Commerce plan for electronic trade faciliation. DFA-12Coordination of MoST with CBRMoST
385.6b8-Aug-00Prepared agenda for meeting with EPB Chairman and  E-Commerce plan for facilitating exporters. DFA-13Coordination with MoST and EPBMoST
395.6c8-Aug-00Prepared agenda for E-Commerce Planning meeting with Secretary, Min of Finance. DFA-14Coordination with MoST and MoFMoST
405.6d8-Aug-00Prepared agenda for E-Commerce planning meeting with Secy Communications, heads of port authorities. DFA-15Coordination with MoST and Min of CommMoST
415.7*8-Aug-00Review of E-Commerce Progress in Islamabad with MoST officialsCoordination with MoSTMoST
425.1121-Aug-00Coordination with Ministry for meeting in Islamabad to discuss progress on open action items, request for TA/DACoordination with MoST on progress and expensesMoST
435.1525-Aug-00Proposal for sharing of EC Network design with PTCL on instructions of Secy IT&TCoordination with StakeholdersMoST
445.1626-Aug-00Presentation of electronic trade facilitation action plan relating to Chairman CBR along with Secy IT at IslamabadPrepared & presented action plan presentation MoST
455.1728-Aug-00Progress report to Secy, IT on various submission and issues. Request for expenses for international meetingsCoordination with MoST on progress and expensesMoST
465.17a28-Aug-00Revised draft Summary & Notification for EC BoardCoordination with MoST on execution infrastructureMoST
475.17b28-Aug-00Coordination for use of GE infrastructure in PakistanCoordination with MoST for pilot projectMoST
485.17c28-Aug-00Proposal for AFACT participation by PakistanCoordination with MoSTMoST
495.19*29-Aug-00Presentation to Chairman EPB of EC Action Plan for Exporters with Secy IT&T and request for EPB’s representation at 18th AFACTPrepared action plan presentationMoST
506.37-Sep-00MoST designates offical delegation for AFACT visit to TaiwanCoordination with MoST and international rep. EC bodiesMoST
516.1018-Sep-00Progress report to Minister on visit to 18th AFACT Meeting in Taiwan and SNS in SingaporeCoordination with MoSTMoST
526.1119-Sep-00Minister acknowledged AFACT report and requested for a PC-1Coordination with MoSTMoST
536.14*21-Sep-00Requirements analysis with Ministry officials on the requested PC-1s Coordination with MoSTMoST
547.12-Oct-00Preparation and submission of EC Board PC-1 Prepared PC-1MoST
557.2*3-Oct-00Coordination with MoST on the processing of submitted PC-1s in IslamabadOperationalizing the EC projectMoST
567.39-Oct-00Proposed alternatives of IT Commission for Govt. E-Commerce setup and possible execution agenciesCoordination with MoST & other departmentsMoST
577.518-Oct-00Coordination with MoST on the lack of implementation progress & need for establishing execution infrastructureExpediting the execution processMoST
587.1024-Oct-00Review of ECWG action plan with Minister & presentation of Tariq Habib to the Ministry in IslamabadCoordination with international expertsMoST
597.1124-Oct-00Ministry’s followup on action items in 18 Oct progress reportCoordination on progressMoST
607.1225-Oct-00Awareness efforts in collaboration with KCCICoordination with StakeholdersMoST
617.1328-Oct-00E-Commerce Board PC-1 approved by DDWP subject to approval of board by Cabinet in IslamabadResultMoST
627.1431-Oct-00Request for payment of IBA E-Commerce Expenses with reference to communication of Director IBA & MinisterExecution Resources for EC Project from MoSTMoST
637.1531-Oct-00Prepared & sent drafts for EC Board Summary and Notification on Secy MoST’s instructions: Ref 28 Oct  conditional DDWPapproval Prepared draft summary, notificationMoST
648.3*12-Nov-00Followup with Ministry on DDWP’s approval status of EC Board PC1 and discussion on future course of actions in IslamabadCoordination with MoST on execution infrastructureMoST
658.5*15-Nov-00Summary for E-Commerce Board circulated to ministries to gain their participation in E-Commerce projectCoordination with othe ministries for consensus buildingMoST
668.9a & 8.9b23-Nov-00MoST’s TORs IT03-C/66 & IT03-C/58 for consultancy assignments and pre-qualification of consultantsMoST issues TORs after pre-qualificationsMoST
678.1329-Nov-00Evaluation of MoC views on E-Commerce Board. Received for comments and preparation of replyCoordination among MoC and MoSTMoST
688.1429-Nov-00Minister’s advice to remain in touch directly and frequently to move the project forward. Coordination on progress, visit of McGill ProfessorMoST
698.1530-Nov-00Review of suggested replies to MoC with MoST officials in IslamabadCoordination with MoSTMoST
709.11-Dec-00Progress report on meetings with Banks and suggestion for taking up the automation status of banks with SBP in meeting with GovernorCoordination with banks, MoST and SBPMoST
719.2a & 9.2b5-Dec-00MoST’s reminder on consultancy proposals submission for Ecommerce and handbook projects: Ref: IT03-C59 & C52Consultancy proposal deadline specified as 8th Dec 2000MoST
729.35-Dec-00Update to Ministry on possible strategies for replying to MoC commentsCoordinatin with MoST and MoCMoST
739.45-Dec-00Report on E-Commerce Network for Minister S&T’s meeting with World Bank expertsReport on E-Commerce Network submittedMoST
749.67-Dec-00Proposal for Pakistan Institute of Electronic CommerceAlternative execution infrastructureMoST
759.8*10-Dec-00Meeting with Minister on e-Commerce Conference & SBP related coordination in IslamabadCoordination with MoST on open issuesMoST
769.913-Dec-00Assignment by SBP of Dr. Irfan Hyder to coordinate 18-month Roadmap of banks on behalf of MoSTCoordination with SBP and MoSTMoST
779.1018-Dec-00Ministry’s request to expedite preparation of comments on MoC letter Coordination with MoST and MoCMoST
789.1119-Dec-00Prepared a detailed reply for MoC views on E-Commerce board and para-wise comments and repliesCoordination with MoST and MoCMoST
7910.417-Jan-01Consultancy agreement between IT&T, MoST and Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder Associates for E-Commerce Project and mobilization advanceFormalization of consultancy relationshipMoST
8010.823-Jan-01Request from MoST to return the amount given by it through PSEBCoordination with MoST on expenses for the projectMoST
8110.1530-Jan-01Progress report submitted to the Ministry, with information  about the Dubai visit to evaluate eCommerce solutionsCoordination with MoSTMoST
8210.1630-Jan-01Ministry’s commitment to continue support for the project and emphasis on prompt submission of the PC-1sNeed for full-time personnel for EC project through the PC1sMoST
8310.1730-Jan-01PC1: Development of E-Commerce Messages for B2B Exchange of Commercial Docs submitted with detailed annexuresSubmission to MoST of a pilot project involving all stakeholdersMoST
8411.11-Feb-01Minister’s followup on the PC1s submissionsCoordination with MoSTMoST
8511.26-Feb-01PC1: E-Commerce Awareness and Training submitted with detailed annexuresSubmission to MoST of a concrete projectMoST
8611.4*10-Feb-01Review of EC project’s progress with Minister  MoST at HEJ and discussion on possible alternatives for the execution infrastructureDecision to explore execution of project under COMSATMoST
8711.517-Feb-01PC-1’s modified and sent to Dr. Hameed, COMSATS for setting up suitable execution infrastructure on Minister’s instructionsSubmission to MoST of concrete projet reports and detailsMoST
8811.617-Feb-01PC-1: E-Commerce Development Project with annexures submitted for establishment of the project directoratePC1 submitted to Minister and Dr. Hameed of COMSATSMoST
8911.718-Feb-01Request from MoST to return the amount given by it through PSEBCoordination with MoST on expensesMoST
9011.919-Feb-01Followup on meeting with Minister for setting up focal point and the missing infrastructure for EC projectsExecution infrastructure requirements for EC projectMoST
9111.10a19-Feb-01DFA-29: Proposed setting up of an E-Commerce Task Force to resolve the issue of missing execution infrastructureTemporary alternative for a permanent setupMoST
9211.10b19-Feb-01DFA-26: Focal point for coordination with AFACT for further collaborationsCoordination with MoST and regional EC organizationMoST
9311.10c19-Feb-01Prepared agenda for interministerial meeting for sharing e-commerce plans and gaining commitment for the initiative. DFA-24Continuing efforts to setup a platform for consensus buildingMoST
9411.10d19-Feb-01Resent draft reply to MoC comments for followup actions. DFA-28Need for stimulating MoC’s consensus on EC projectMoST
9511.10e19-Feb-01Efforts to seek nominations from ministries not yet actively participating in ECWG. DFA-27Activating stakeholder ministries in the EC projectMoST
9611.1526-Feb-01Request for payment of second installment of consultancy  on submission of projects: Ecom/Feb/1Partial fulfillment of the consultancy assignmentMoST
9711.1727-Feb-01Meeting with Dr. Hameed & COMSATS team for review & submission 3 PC-1s/Annexures in IslamabadCoordination with MoST, COMSATS for exec agencyMoST
9812.11-Mar-01MoST sets up E-Commerce Task ForceFormalization of EC focal pointMoST
9912.2a1-Mar-01MoST’s Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Minister of FinanceCoordination with MoFMoST
10012.2b1-Mar-01MoST’s Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Minister of CommunicationCoordination with MoCommMoST
10112.2c1-Mar-01MoST’s Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Minister of  LawCoordination with MoLawMoST
10212.2d1-Mar-01MoST’s Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Dy Chairman Planning CommissionCoordination with Planning CommissionMoST
10312.2e1-Mar-01MoST’s Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Governor SBPCoordination with SBPMoST
10412.23-Mar-01MoST informs about the measures taken for EC ProjectMoST LetterMoST
10512.312-Mar-01MoST’s confusion over selection of an executing agency for E-Commerce PC1’sIdentification of executing agency for EC ProjectMoST
10612.515-Mar-01Minister’s reply on selection of execution agency for E-Commerce PC1s; Comsats,  IT Commission, MoST or other alternativesConfusion on the execution agency for Ecommerce PC1sMoST
10712.719-Mar-01Report on visit to Thailand’s Trade Siam E-Commerce Service Provider, incorporation of lessons in project plansIncorporation of international experience of EC reportsMoST
10912.1229-Mar-01Ministry’s invitation to present ECommerce PC1s in DDWP meetingCoordination with MoSTMoST
11013.2*2-Apr-01Presentation to DDWP of two E-Commerce PC-1s on Training & Messages exchange in IslamabadPC-1’s approval by DDWPMoST
11213.36-Apr-01Assignment from MoST to draft reply for HBL’s letterCoordination with banks & MoSTMoST
11313.47-Apr-01Assignment from MoST to draft reply to NBP’s president’s letterCoordination with banks & MoSTMoST
11413.710-Apr-01Coordination with MoST on operationalizing of the approved E-Commerce ProjectsDiscussion on E-Commerce execution processMoST
11513.912-Apr-01Assignment from MoST to respond to queries about E-Commerce and e-Banking in PakistanCoordination with Stakeholders and MoSTMoST
11613.1014-Apr-01Ministry informs about the approval of submitted PC1s by DDWP with copies of the minutesResources for execution infrastructure finally availableMoST
11713.11*17-Apr-01Coordination with MoST for establishing execution agency and next steps  for approved PC-1s in IslamabadOperationalizing the EC projectMoST
11813.1217-Apr-01Coordination with IT Commission on executing agency for approved PC1sConfusion over execution procedure for approved PC1sMoST
11913.1424-Apr-01Instruction from Minister to prepare a reply for SBP GovernorCoordination with MoST & SBPMoST
12013.1525-Apr-01Detailed Action Plan submission for approved PC1s. Apr/01/MoST/3Request for remaining paymentsMoST
12114.58-May-01Ministry acknowledges receipt of MCB’s reply, reminder for NBPCoordination with MoST & banksMoST
12214.1215-May-01Minister S&T sets a new reporting procedure for EC project.Coordination with MoStMoST
12314.1317-May-01MoST informed about issues relating to executing agency for EC PC1s needed to be resolved for expediting implementationIssues of executing agency for E-Commerce projectsMoST
12414.1519-May-01Minister refers the executing agency issue to Secretary and ministry officials for resolutionIssue of executing agencyMoST
12514.1621-May-01Ministry’s reply to HBL based on draft reply on roadmapCoordination with MoST & banksMoST
12614.19*29-May-01Meeting with Ministry officials, and submission of reports in IslamabadSubmission of draft reportsMoST
12715.3*8-Jun-01Meeting with MoST officials on status of EC Projects that have been stalled since the approvals of the PC1sMoST informed about the stalled statusMoST
12815.413-Jun-01Reminder to MoST regarding remaining payments related to e-commerce consultancy project Query about the consultancy status MoST
12916.1a3-Jul-01MoST sends correspondence of NBP & MoST for evaluationCoordination with MoST & banksMoST
13016.211-Jul-01Proposed workshop on national EC implementation from 3 leading EC experts from UK, Canada and Japan Coordination with MoST and International expertsMoST
13116.4*20-Jul-01Meeting in Islamabad with Secretary to discuss status of EC Project. Secy desired another presentationDiscussion on EC Projects statusMoST
13216.630-Jul-01MoST schedules a followup presentation for 4/8/01 on E-Commerce projectEC Projects briefingMoST
13317.26-Aug-01Minutes of the Meeting Held on E-Commerce Consultancy: ITC: 23/17/385, Aug 6, 01 describing action items for consultantsAction items assigned to the ConsultantsMoST
13417.47-Aug-01Minister’s letter to SBP Governor to discuss open issuesCoordination with SBPMoST
13517.516-Aug-01Submission of action items assigned in MoST’s Minutes of EC Consultancy Meeting of 4/8/01: Ref ITC:23/17/385 of August 6, 2001Submission of praxis oriented brief on EC ProjectsMoST
13618.14-Sep-01Ministry informed about participation in the 19th AFACT meetingCoordination with MoST on international linkagesMoST
13718.26-Sep-01Reminder about the remaining consultancy payments for E-Commerce Project: Sept/01/Most/01Reference to earlier correspondenceMoST
13818.826-Jan-02MoST’s letter No 2(38)/2000-Accounts on issues raised regarding E-Commerce Consultancy ProjectIssues regarding e-commerce consultancy projectMoST
13918.9*16-Feb-02Acknowledgement of MoST’s Dec 26 letter regarding EC ConsultancyConsultancy project related issuesMoST
14018.1016-Mar-02Reply to MoST’s 26/1/02 letter with detailed analysis of EC project activities, chronology, time and effort expandedPreparation of EC Project OverviewMoST