Linkages with International Experience and Learning

Sr Chrono-logy Ref Date Activity Type of Activity Inter-national
1 2.11 18-May-00 Coordinated with UN AFACT secretariat for Pakistan’s membership to gain from experience of UN regional council for e-business & trade facilitation under UN. DFA 2 Initiated linkages with International bodies that set standards Inter-national
2 6.6 11-Sep-00 5-day AFACT Annual Meeting in Taiwan. Pakistan was made 14th member of Asia Pacific Council for E-Business and Trade Facilitation. Collaboration with Intl experts, vetting of National EC Plan Inter-national
3 6.7* 12-Sep-00 Presentation of E-Commerce Country Report to AFACT participant countries Prepared Country Status Report Inter-national
4 6.7a* 13-Sep-00 Mr. Kienji Itoh, JASTPRO, Japan. Presentation of the EC Action plan  Invitation for EDI seminar Inter-national
5 6.7b* 14-Sep-00 David Lasse, EDI-Indonesia Pilot project evaluation Inter-national
6 6.7c* 14-Sep-00 Mr. Romy, TradeVan, Taiwan EC plan presentation Inter-national
7 6.7d* 14-Sep-00 Mr. Aruni K. Goonetilleke, CINTEC-Sri Lanka Meeting with iternational experts Inter-national
8 6.7f* 15-Sep-00  Dr. M. Navandian, Deputy Minister of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce, Iran Sharing of experience on EC implementation Inter-national
9 7.8 22-Oct-00 Detailed presentation of EC progress and action plan with Mr. Tariq Habib, ComTrust, UAE PKI and security initiatives Inter-national
10 10.3* 16-Jan-01 Mr. Wong, Jeh Shyne, CommerceNet, Singapore Incubators and E-Commerce solutions Inter-national
11 10.7* 22-Jan-01 Review of action plan/evaluation of security alternatives with Mr. Aftab Rizvi, Security Consulting, Australia PKI and security initiatives Inter-national
12 10.12* 27-Jan-01 Meeting with GE experts from Saudi Arabia and Dubai in Dubai for the enablement of GE Switch in Pakistan Fast enabling of EC infrastructure Inter-national
13 11.11* 21-Feb-01 Presenation of EC Plan & Building Blocks and strategies to Mr. Asim Abdullah, CommerceOne, USA Review of the action plan and strategies Inter-national
14 11.12* 21-Feb-01 Review of action plan with Mr. Safi Qureshi, TiE Review with international experts Inter-national
15 11.13* 21-Feb-01 Review of action plan with Mr. Mahboob Akhtar, Focus Soft, USA Review with international experts Inter-national
16 11.16 26-Feb-01 Mr. Farrukh Zafar, Director, Sanford S. Bernstien, USA, presentation on implementation strategies Review of action plan and detailed meeting on EFT initiatives Inter-national
17 12.6* 16-Mar-01 Evaluation of TradeSiam, EC provider of Thailand in visit to Bangkok Meeting with International experts Inter-national
18 12.8* 25-Mar-01 Datuk Haji A. Rashid bin Haji Belong, Royal Customs & Excise, Malysia Review of plan and TAP coordination with CBR Inter-national
19 12.8* 25-Mar-01 Dr. Toh See Kiat, Intellectual Property & Internet Practice Group, Tan Peng Chin & Partners, Singapore Enabling legal environment pre-requisites Inter-national
20 12.8* 25-Mar-01 Mr. Iftikhar Nadeem, PakistanNet,  Saudi Arabia Remittances and SA initiatives Inter-national
21 12.8* 25-Mar-01 Dr. Jackson Yip, Director, IOEC Pte Ltd, Singapore Collaboration on EC infrastructure Inter-national
22 12.8* 25-Mar-01 Mr. David Leng Seaw Sik, EC Partners, Malaysia Review of action plan and participation in TFWG meeting Inter-national
23 12.8* 25-Mar-01 Dr. A Lee Gilbert, Nanyang Technological Univ, Singapore EC Action plan building blocks review Inter-national
24 12.8* 26-Mar-01 Mr. C.K. Choi, Korea Institute of Eclectronic Commerce, Korea Meeting with iternational experts Inter-national
25 13.8 12-Apr-01 MoU from Malaysian Customs for MoST for electronic trade faciliation implementation Coordination with Malaysia Inter-national
26 18.4 6-Oct-01 19th AFACT Country Report of Pakistan presented at the  plenary session Presentation of EC Country Report to the international experts Inter-national
27 18.4* 6-Oct-01 Mr. T.A.Khan, Ministry of Commerce, India Logistics network and ports network implementation Inter-national
28 18.4* 6-Oct-01 Mr. Karimuddin, Business Manager, TradeNet, Singapore Review of plan with international experts Inter-national
29 18.4* 6-Oct-01 5-day AFACAT meeting at Jakarta. Meetings with EC solution providers. Presentation of Country Report Sharing from the experience of International experts Inter-national
30 18.4* 6-Oct-01 Mr. Tom Boutin, TIE, Singapore Infrastructure for solution provider Inter-national
31 18.4* 6-Oct-01 Mr. S.R Shim, KT-Net, Korea Meeting with iternational experts Inter-national
32 18.4* 6-Oct-01 Mr. Will Keenan, UN/ESCAP, Thailand Meeting with iternational experts Inter-national
33 18.4* 6-Oct-01 Mr. Micheal Lee, GE, Singapore Review of plan with experts Inter-national
34 18.4* 6-Oct-01 Mr. John Sanders, EDI-Hongkong Review of initiative Inter-national
35 18.4* 6-Oct-01 Mr. Chau-Hsiung Chou, FWG-Taiwan Meeting with international experts Inter-national
36 18.4* 6-Oct-01 Mr. Dido, Marketing manager, EDI Indonesia Collaboration on training Inter-national
37 18.5* 25-Oct-01 Mr. Shanta De Silva, UNCTAD Meeting with international experts Inter-national