Banking Sector Initiatives for E-Commerce Project

SrChrono-logy RefDateActivityType of ActivityBanks
 .1 1.2

Contacted Governor SBP, seeking SBP’s and banks  participation in E-Commerce Working Group (ECWG)

Coordination with SBP

2.1018-May-00Prepared draft letter for SBP Governor to issue proposed TORs for enabling Internet Merchant Account. DFA1Prepared TOR for Internet Merchant AccountsBanks
32.1218-May-00Prepared draft agenda for Minister’s meeting with SBP Governor for coordination for EC implementation. DFA 3Prepared proposals and meeting agendaBanks
42.3030-May-00Proposed e-Banking Plan to Governor SBP with Minister & Secy, MoST and ECWG members in IslamabadPrepared e-Banking plan,  presentation to SBP GovernorBanks
53.23-Jun-00Draft for Internet Merchant Account Circular and justification for Governor SBP from MoSTECWG meeting of 11 members for coordination with SBPBanks
63.99-Jun-00Arrangements made for seminar on E-Commerce and E-BankingCoordination with BanksBanks
73.1315-Jun-00Circular for Internet Merchant Account from  SBP: FE-6Output Result with coordination with SBPBanks
83.1417-Jun-00Info to Minister about Circular on Internet Merchant Accounts and proposal for seminarsCoordination with MoSTBanks
Coordination with Governor SBP for setting agenda and gaining consensus of banks on the e-Banking action planProposed issues for highlighting
Presentation of eBanking/EFT plan in seminar for bankers  Chaired by Governor SBP. Presentations by 5 area experts in e-Banking and e-Commerce Over 200 participants.SBP Governor presented with national, ECH, infrastructure proposals
Coordination with NIFT on Electronic Clearing plansCoordination with SBP
Governor SBP endorse  financial sector EC action plan & forms Electronic Clearing House Task Force in a meeting with FWG participantsAchievement of FWG
E-Comemrce/E-Banking Plan presentation to ECH Task Force of SBP: briefing on the objectives of the task forceCoordination with SBP, banks
Development of  Survey questionnaire to determine status of automation of banks in coordination with ECWG and ECH Task ForceCoordination with SBP
Development of guidelines for Infrastructure, Awareness & Communication, Technology for ECH.ECH Task Force meeting of over 12 stakeholders
ECH Task Force Meeting at SBP to discuss the pilot project for Bank2Bank electronic funds transferCoordination with SBP for consensus building of bankers
Prepared draft agenda for meeting with SBP Governor to finalize action items of 17th Nov Seminar and meeting with Minister MoSTCoordination for MoSTand  SBP’s joint initiatives for E-Banking
Visit of Governor SBP to MoST and assignment of Dr. Irfan Hyder to officially coordinate with Banks on roadmapCoordination with MoST, SBP and ECWG
NBP’s president’s letter to Governor SBP regarding progress on IT stateCoordination with banks
Letter of President HBL to Governor SBP on e-commerce plan forwarded to Minister S&T.Study and evaluation of the bank’s readiness status
Minister’s reply to HBL on the reported status and direction for preparing a clear 18 month planCoordination with banks and MoST
MoST’s letter to SBP on the  pace of implementation of Internet Merchant Account
Correspondence of banks, SBP& MoST forwarded to Dr. Irfan Hyder for comments, evaluation and followupCoordination with banks
Submission of pilot project details to SBP and expression of interest of SBP for participation in electronic reporting to SBP projectProgress on implementing the pilot project in coordination with SBP
Preparation of Inter-Bank EFT Pilot Project Report by ECH Task ForceCoordination with banks and development of the pilot project
Developed a framework for quarterly evaluation of banks’ IT roadmaps as desired by Minister S&T.  Sent to banks by MinistryTranslation of MoST’s expectations in to a compact questionnaire
Minister’s assignment to prepare replies for NBP and MCBCoordination with MoST
Meeting with SBP to finalize the pilot project details for the approved PC-1 and initiation of implementationCoordination with SBP
Evaluated MCB roadmap & developed a Draft Reply for MCB for MoST to followupCoordination with MoST and Banks
Evaluated HBL’s roadmap & developed draft comments for MoST to followupCoordination with MoST and Banks
Minister S&T apprised on developments in E-Commerce Financial sector implementation plan. Islamabad visitMeeting in Islamabad to review execution status
Developed a draft reply for Governor SBP from MoST on IT status of banks and way forwardCoordination with MoST and SBP
Evaluated NBP’s roadmap and developed draft reply for MoST to send to NBPCoordination with MoST and banks
Minister MoST issues e-Banking Reply to SBP based on the submitted draftCoordination with MoST & banks
Meeting with Governor State bank and SBP officials for implementation of Internet merchant account May 11thMerchant account progress and roadmap issues
Meeting with NBP officials to discuss E-Banking roadmap Evaluation of NBP’s automation
Meeting with Network Solution Providers for EFT solutionsEvaluation of EFT solutions
Meeting with SCB delegation from UAE for merchant accountsMerchant account’s infrastructure
Meeting with NBP officials to discuss E-Banking roadmap Evaluation and coordination
Meeting with Bank representatives, legal consultant on IT legislation at SBPCoordination with SBP & MoST
Correspondence of MCB, SBP, MoST sent for replyingCoordination with MoST & banks
Prepared draft agenda for Minister’s meeting with Governor SBPCoordination with MoST & SBP
Meeting of advisor MoST with Governor SBP, EC financial working group to review the implementation statusCoordination with banks & MoST
ECH Task Force Meeting to discuss ECH proposals and statusCoordination with banks & SBP
Development of Survey form for e-Banking Status for submission to SBPCoordination with banks & SBP
Finalization of ECH Task Force report and presentation to Governor Coordination with banks &SBP