Belief in Rising of the Dead on the Day of Judgement- From belief to a scientific possibility

During the early 1970s before my matriculation the most difficult question of belief was how would people who have been dust and gone for centuries would be woken up. Even the pores of the fingers of the dead would be recreated to the exact pattern when they were alive millenia earlier. I used to spend hours and days thinking about the seeming improbability and would then be forced to bow towards the belief.

Then in the 1990s the science of genetic engineering and DNA codes was depicted so vividly in the thriller Jurassic Park, where the blood of a mosquite from a millions year old fossil is extracted to recreate dinosaurs. The improbability of that earlier challenge for the believers became an ordinary scientific fact. Today’s kids do not realize the immensity of the wonder and awe of the feeling that the following verse used to evoke some 45 years ago. They take it as a matter of fact of science which is going to be made possible in a few years if not already.


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