Blaming the Founding Fathers for Our Mistakes: Case of Pakistan

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In the cozy environment of our drawing rooms, we often see the self styled intellectuals belong to the ilk of Hasan Nisar trying their best to put the blame of shortcomings of our nation on to our founding fathers. The venom in their opinions indicates their disdain for this nation and the founding principles. They lose no opportunity to take snipe at the founding fathers including Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal to vent their frustrations when the nation seems to climb out of impossibly discouraging situations.

It is interesting to note that they try to put the blame of all our shortcomings on the founding fathers including the problems that exacerbated during the martial law regimes leading to breakdown of law and constitution, increase in frustrations of the minorities eventually resulting in the separation of half the country when East Pakistan seceded as Bangladesh.

Blaming the father for the mess that a son creates can be compared to the behavior of a son whose father had presented him with a Mercedes and through his reckless driving rams it into the pole, and then start blaming the father for why he had presented him the car in the first place. Recklessness of Martial Laws and Dictator Generals have thrown us in a mess from which getting out is a huge undertaking. The last thing we want is to start blaming our founding fathers for the mess that we created. How can we blame our founding father for the following mess?

The abdication of responsibilities by the state in the areas of education, health, sanitation, drinking water, energy, transport became increasingly evident over the last forty years resulting in the breakdown of law and order, increase in terrorism and loss of hope among the masses.

The situation has tremendously improved since the resumption of democracy after the end of martial law by the 5th General savior on horseback. This can be seen by the improvement in many areas over the last five years. This improvement is not getting digested by the vested interests and the foreign enemies who are trying their best to return the country to its classification as a failed state.

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