Costs of General Musharraf’s Dictatorship

[To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]
This post analyzes the continuing accumulation of long term costs associated with General Musharraf’s dicatatorship 1999-2008 in the areas of ideological costs, economic costs, governance costs, foreign policy debacles and political engineering costs.

[Bullets are being detailed along with references: WIP]

Ideological Costs

  • Enlightened Moderation as an antidote to Gen Zia’s Islamization 
  • Liberalization of media; fashion shows → creates religious backlash 
  • Proliferation of INGOs; foreign agenda against Pak Ideology 
  • Good-Taliban-Bad-Taliban strategy → TTP terrorists 

Economic Costs

  • Plots doleouts + loan writeoffs strategy to buy loyalties 
  • PTCL, KESC, HBL, ABL, MCB, PS etc sell off in shady deals 
  • Establishment Commercialization → Spread to all economy sectors 
  • Demand Explosion of cars/ACs → energy crisis 

Governance Costs

  • NAB decapitated: Corrupt class let off; OCAC scam; circular debt 
  • NRO Muk-muka: Karachi/Lyari gang warfare; bhatta, street crimes 
  • NRB devolution without consensus → rolled back within a few years 
  • Consumer finance bubble → Stocks, Property bubble 

Foreign Policy Debacles

  • U-Turn: Pakistan made a tool of US’s War on Terror → $200Bn+ loss 
  • Good-Taliban-Bad-Taliban strategy → suicide bombers; 100k+ deaths 
  • Selloff: Air space, Shamsi base, US drones → CIA, Blackwater ops 
  • Kargil fiasco, Kashmir U-Turn, TTP backlash

Political Engineering Costs

  • NROed MQM; 12000 criminals let off, cases quashed 
  • NROed Chaudhrys’ PMLQ to support dictatorship; AZ as Pres thru his NRO 
  • Bugti terminated → RAW agents, Baloch insurgency →Disappearances 
  • PCO judges, emergency, Dogar, article-6

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