Traitor/Foreign Agent Production Factory of Pakistan

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At What Cost? Costs of Branding a Politician as a Traitor

There is a traitor/foreign agent production factory in Pakistan that seems to be in full swing. It has targets that have been trained on most prominent elected politicians since mid 1950s and did not spare even the sister of Quaid-e-Azam, Madre-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah.  The list has included former prime ministers (HS Suharwardy, ZA Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto), politicians who had been been blue eye boys of the establishment (MQM/AH, Akbar Bugti, Jehadists/Talibans) and political leader like Shaikh Mujeeb ur Rehman who was once with Muslim League and led the election campaign of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah a few years before he became a case of self-fulfilled prophecy! The factory efficiently converts good Pakistanis of yester years  into bad Pakistanis through a staged fall from grace. Then a time comes when they meet their ignominious end. 

 Interestingly enough the official list of traitors never listed the Dictator Generals who were responsible for breaking half of the country, and who ensnared us in useless wars.

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A Short History of Traitor-ship in Pakistan

Branding traitors has been a favorite passtime of the powers that have ruled Pakistan from the very begining. They have tried to foment public opinion away from their shenanigans using the convenient slog of traitorship that they have slapped on everyone who dared to oppose their hold on power. This game continues to be played in Pakistan. Surprisingly, every traitor had been erstwhile patriot very closed to the ruling clique. 
This witch hunt is best represented by Samuel Johnson’s famous quote: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. 

Case of HS Suharwardy (Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1957)

It was so convenient to get rid of the dissenting voices from East Pakistan through the simple ploy of branding them traitor or not somehow patriot enough. Powers that were behind the game of musical chairs being played in the 1950s when several Prime Ministers came and went in quick session, each occupying the seat for only a few months, need to be held accountable for the eventual secession of East Pakistan. Suhrawardy was the prime minister who belonged to East Pakistan and was made short shrift of. He died in mysterious circumstances abroad. 

[From Wikipedia]
Following the independence of Pakistan in 1947, he became a leading populist statesman of East Pakistan, leaving the Muslim League to join the newly formed centre-left Awami League in 1952. Along with A. K. Fazlul Huq and Maulana Bhashani, he led the pan-Bengali United Front alliance to a resounding victory in the 1954 East Bengal elections and defeated the Muslim League.[1][3]
In 1956, the Awami League formed an alliance with the Republican Party to lead a coalition government in Pakistan. Suhrawardy became prime minister and pledged to resolve the energy crises, address economic disparities between East and West Pakistan, and strengthen the armed forces. His initiatives included supply side economic policies, planning nuclear power and energy and reorganizing and reforming the Pakistani military. In foreign policy, he pioneered a strategic partnership with the United States. Faced with pressure from the bureaucracy and business community over his policies in aid distribution, nationalization and opposition to the One Unit scheme, he was forced to resign on 10 October 1957, under threat of dismissal by President Iskandar Mirza. He was banned from public life by the military junta of General Ayub Khan. Suhrawardy died in 1963 in Beirut, Lebanon after suffering a massive heart attack.[3]


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Case of Madre-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah (sister of the Quaid-e-Azam)

Sister of the Quaid e Azam, Madre Millat (mother of nation) case is the most interesting. She was with the Quaid e Azam, founder of Pakistan (father of nation, her brother, Mohammad Ali Jinnah) all her life. The way she was sidelined after the death of the Quaid e Azam is interesting. The same powers that were playing with the constitution and the fate of Pakistan by increasing the divide between East and West Pakistan, made her an example for all the others to take heed. If these powers can do this to the mother of nation, then others do not stand a chance. Her case is intersting because it is again some thing that people are deliberately kept ignorant about. She ran for presidency elections against the self proclaimed General Ayub Khan. She was defeated through massive rigging. To justify her defeat, and to allay the emotions of the nation, she was branded as traitor by General Ayub Khan.


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Case of Shaikh Mujeeb ur Rehman

Case study of a person who was pro-Pakistan and was leading Fatima Jinnah’s election campaign in 1964 in East Pakistan is forced to becomes a secessionist leader within a few years.

Fatima Jinnah and Shaikh Mujeeb during the Election Campaign

This again is a classic case of white wash of our history. The greatest secret of Pakistan’s existence has been the extreme secrecy of hiding the Chief Justice Hamood ur Rehman Report. The supplementary part of the report is available, however, the first part of the report that dealt with the reasons leading up to the army operation of 1971 are still classified. We had to wait to see what this commission had to say about the case of Shaikh Mujeeb ur Rehman. What made him who had led the election campaign of Mohtarma Fatimah Jinaah from East Pakistan, to proclaim 6 points in a couple of years, and to be branded a traitor and then to lead the secession movement. What led him to become a self-fulfilled prophecy of the powers that had been deciding the fate of the company. 

Sh Mujeeb Walking to Prison in Agartal Sazish Case 1966
ZAB used to call General Ayub his daddy and used to be the General’s blue-eyed boy. He was the foreign minister of Pakistan during 1965 war. Within a couple of years, he became estranged from his ertwhile master and launched a movement against General Ayub’s rule. When General Ayub abrogated his own self-made constritution and rubbished it by handing over the rule to General Yahya in contravention of his own constitution, it started the shenanigans leading to break up of Pakistan and with the eventual installation of ZAB by General Yahya as the first civilian Martial Law Administrator. ZAB gave the constitution that we still have today. He led Pakistan’s nuclear program against the wishes of USA and the Secretary of State of USA, Henry Kissinger is reputed to have warned ZAB that he would be made an example. Soon General Zia’s coup happened and ZAB was hanged through what is known as Judicial Murder. The way the judges were removed to create space for a pliant judge who would give the judgement of choice is now history.

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Case of Benazir Bhutto

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BB was twice Prime Minister of Pakistan and belonged to the family who was on the wrong side of establishment since General Zia’s Martial Law. 

Case of MQM-1st Phase

Case of Akbar Bugti

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Case of Jehadists

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Case of Talibans

Case of MQM-2nd Phase

Musharraf’s Support in Strengthening MQM and the latter operations that have led to the endgame.

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