How do I lift thee from the mundane: Musings of a Dean

How Do I Lift Thee From the Mundane

What a fleeting time is youth!

that beckons the future
that walks in beauty
that gallops with force
that exudes energy in every motion
that dances with the daffodils
that climbs every mountain
that explores every valley
that aspires for the stars

Ah, the Youth,

whose purpose is visible in volcanic flows
whose enthusiasm bubbles in laughter
whose teasing whispers in the giggles
whose creative spirit breaks the shackles
whose ideas gush out to question the obvious
whose chains challenge the confines of prisions

The Youth,

that dares the naysayers with its impertinence
that challenges the conventions with provocative tango
that tests the limits of rules
that searches for the identity
that tries to find its uniqueness

How do I lift thee from the mundane and ordinary
How do I open the window to the wonderful world of knowledge

a world of wonder
a world of joy
a world of excitement
a world of exhilaration
a world of adventure
a world of beauty
a world of appreciation
a world of thrills
a world of mystery 

How do I make thee aware of the world,
a world that awaits with open arms: 

in the depths of unknown
in the infinity of universe
in the vastness of galaxies
in the serenity of mountain lakes
in the gentleness of mellifluous rivers
in the refreshing breeze of the morning
in the scorching heat of deserts
in the loneliness of the daunting peaks

How do I convince thee to adopt “pursuit of excellence” as habit
How do I make thee aware of the wonders of challinging your limits
How do I tell thee about the freedom tha awaits outside your comfort zone
How do I kindle in thee an appreciation for the:

beauty of youth
beauty of ideas
beauty of speech
beauty of arts
beauty of music
beauty of action
beauty in verse
beauty in poetry
beauty in performance
beauty of character
beauty of goodness of heart

How do I fire in thee the passion
How do I ignite in thee a spark  
How do I develop in thee the interest:

for the intricacies of puzzles
for the complexities of problems
for the beauty of maths
for the psychology of liberation
for the sociology of business
for the innovations in business
for the philosophy of lifestyles
for the love of game theory and games people play

How do I enable thee to discover

the patterns of numbers
the patterns of chance
the patterns of shapes
the patterns of motion
the patterns of life
the patterns of behavior
the patterns of designs
the patterns of thoughts
the patterns of interactions
the patterns of science
the patterns of spiritual contemplation

How do I tell thee that education is:

differentiating the good from bad
differentiating the truth from falsehood
differentiating the beauty from ugliness
differentiating the urgency of now from the demands of the future
differentiating the people from the objects

How do I enable thee to 

distinguish knoweledge from wisdom
distinguish prejudice from arguments
distinguish ego from understanding
distinguish perception from reality
distinguish mind from the heart
distinguish sympathy from empathy
distinguish selfishness from self conciousness
distinguish transaction from transformation
distinguish law from ethics
distinguish conviction from belief

How do I open for thee the world of great people
How do I make thee get inspiration from them
How do I make thee seek out the “footprints on the sands of time
that remind us how to make our lives sublime”
Lives of great men:

great scholars
great scientists
great teachers
great poets
great historians
great researchers
great leaders
Leaders that change the lives,

that  change the thoughts,
that create new worlds
that change the future. 

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  1. Nicely written, especially focused on youth, thank you for taking time and writing the master piece for us, we always desperately wait for your blogs, Allah bless you with eternal health and wealth, carry on!

  2. Your encouragements make me continue

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