How Long Pakistan has been Under the Corrupt Rule when Imran Khan Tookover

Only RAW agents or traitors can claim that IK has inherited 30-70 years of corruption in Pakistan. At most there can only be 10 years (2008-18) of corruption because by 2008 Gen Musharraf through his 9 years of most clean anti-corruption dictatorial rule had eliminated ALL corruption. During this rule, Gen Musharraf had completely obliterated corruption,  which was accumulated during bloody civilians’ corruption infested rule during 1988-99. Pl note that by 1988, ultra-patriotic Gen Zia’s anti-corruption martial law of 11 years had completely cleansed Pakistan from all the corruption that only ZAB must have accumulated during his 1971-77 rule. Of course ZAB corrupted a Pakistan that he got completely corruption-free. Pakistan was cleansed of all corruption through tireless n sustained efforts of two ultra-patriotic dictators Gen Ayub n Gen Yahya. Gen Ayub n Gen Yahya’s rule spanned 14 years from 1958 to Dec 1971, through which they obliterated corruption accumulated by the bloody civilians since the inception of Pakistan. These patriotic dictators achieved this through angels descending from heavens and by 1971, by 1988, and by 2008 they had left the country pristine and blemish-free from any crime n corruption. Hence, all n every bit of corruption that exists today ONLY occurred during corrupt rule of ultra corrupt bloody civilians over the last 10 years.


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