Is Criticism of Imran Khan as PM something new?

Saw this post: ‏عمران خان کا1،1دن گناجارہاہے
میں حیران ہوں اس ذہین ترین قوم پر پچھلے70سال کیسےگزرگئے
Here is the history for youth who do not read history. Pakistan has never been a bed of roses, even for military dictators. There were mass protests every year since 1950. Here are some from my memory: 1952 qadiani riots n Lahore Martial Law,  1954 bengal riots, 1955-7 five prime ministers changed, 1958 martial law, 1962 BD elections, 1964 Fatima Jinnah elections protests, 1965  Operation Gibraltar leading to war with India,  1967 Karachi language riots, 1969 sugar price hike riots, 1970-71 lost half Pakistan, 1972 Balochistan ptotests and language riots, 1973 anti qadiani movement,  and Pakistan constitution, 1974 mass protests, 1976-77 elections and pna movement closures for several months with curfew, 1977 gen Zia’s martial law, 1979 Bhutto hanging closures, 1980-81 alzlfiqar, 1982-83mrd movement, 1985 till today nearly every week of every month there were mass killings, blasts, protests,…
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