How to help poor in supporting their marriage costs

I find several NGO initiatives that would like to help the poor in supporting the expenses of the marriages of their daughters. I appreciate their energy and enthusiasm, but feel that there initiative is misplaced and directed not at the cause by the symptom. At best collecting donations for marriage purposes and helping the poor in marrying off their daughters is at most a band-aid or a sani-plast solution. It is not a long term solution. The objective of a foundation or an NGO should be to create a culture where marriage costs are low. Why there is such a mad race to spend exorbitant amount on marriages. Our objective should be to try and make Halal (marriage) cost a fraction of haram (zina). This is also support by the traditions of our Holy Prophet. However, our society is going in the other direction where halal (marriage) costs are running into millions and haram (zina) costs are reducing and are in thousands or a few lacs. We need to create awareness, appreciation of low cost marriages. Need to identify and stimulate rich people who are willing to become role model for this purpose. Development of such a culture is a worthwhile objective and yield much longer term solution to this problem. 


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