Why there are so many intelligence and investigation agencies in Pakistan

Why in Pakistan we have so many investigation agencies and intelligence agencies? These include Police, FIA, NAB, CID, ISI, SIU, IB, CTD, Sp Br, ATF, MI, ISPR, FBR, JIT,… Our history tells us that with each new agency, there has been an increase in corruption and law-breaking. Instead of decreasing corruption, they continually cause of the increase in corruption due to the maze of complex inter-dependences and conflicting turfs, which no one knows how to resolve. The following tale from Aesop’s fables indicates this contradiction. 
Here is an extension of the Aesop’s fable that I read in my childhood: There was once a Groom who had the charge of the favorite horse of a King. The groom used to spend long hours clipping and combing the favorite Horse, but who daily stole a portion of his allowance of the horse food, and sold it for his own profit. The condition of the Horse gradually worsened. The king got suspicious and appointed a person to oversee whether the horse is being given its daily allowance. The king noted that instead of the horse getting better, it started worsening faster than previously. The king surmised that the person he has appointed is in cahoot with the groom and is also embezzling the food. The king therefore decided to appoint another person to oversee the first person he had appointed to oversee the groom. After the appointment of the second person, the king noticed that the horse’s condition started to deteriorate at a much faster rater than previously. Thereafter, the king appointed another person to oversee the second person he appointed to oversee the first person who was appointed to oversee the groom who was suspected of embezzling the food. The appointed of the third person had an immediate effect and the horse died in a couple of days. 
Moral of the story is that appointing overseers over the overseer will only make the matters worse. 
This is the story of creation of one investigation agency to oversee another investigation agency to oversee another and so on to the investigation agency that is the police. The situation of the country has continued to dwindle more and more with the appointment of each new investigation agency.


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