Booby Traps Inserted in 1973 Constitution by DoN Godfathers that Perpetually Keep Pakistan in an ICU Emergency

Doctrine of Necessity (DoN) godfathers have inserted booby traps in the 1973 constitution that strangulate and throttle the elected governments in their functioning and also keep on exploding every few years keeping the country perpetually in an ICU emergency. The moment an elected government reaches a stage where it can start asserting the will of the people, a booby trap explodes plunging the country in to uncertainty and hopelessness. Since my childhood in early 1970s, I have experienced being in mortal fear of the country disintegrating. I am told that the same fear of disintegration and dismemberment has characterized the existence since independence.

This post reviews the history of three such provisions inserted in the constitution of 1973 by dictator General Zia through the machinations of Jadoogar of Jeddah Sharifuddin Pirzada who has the dubious distinction to be the legal architect of MLOs, PCOs, MLRs and other intricate insertions in the constitutions such as 58(2)b, 62(1)f, 183(4) and others of the ilk. Pernicious influence of such booby traps are only now being recognized by the elected lawmakers, who originally thought that they are donewith the dictatorial alterations once they got rid of 58(2)b.

  1. Gen Zia
  2. Junejo
  3. BB1
  4. NS1
  5. BB2
  6. NS2
  7. Gen Mush
  8. Yusuf Raza Gilani
  9. Raja Ashraf
  10. NS3


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