Forthright and Courageous Gentleman-Col Raza Kamal at KIET

Col (r) Raza Kamal from 17 Baluch (2 Sind). A thorough gentleman and a great colleague. His commitment and dedication as Director College of Management Sciences at PAF KIET was exemplary. I had a long 10+ years association as Dean n Vice president of PAF KIET with Col Raza Kamal. It started during KIET’s initial years at Korangi Creek Base Campus. I had joined in Feb 2001 after leaving IBA. This time was about six months after KIET had moved to its PAF Base campus from its city campus location on Shahrah e Faisal. The campus had been vacated by CBM. KIET got the contract with PAF after after obtaining the charter. 

Col Raza had been with KIET since its inception in a Sindhi Muslim Society Banglow in 1997. When I joined PAF KIET, he was HoD of Management Science department. HoD Computer Science department was Mr Adnan Manzoor. A few months later there was a change in higher management and Air Commodore Khalid Husain took charge as the President from Mr Adnan Arabi. 

I was interacting with Col Raza Kamal on a daily basis while developing systems, procedures, and policies. This had been a period of consolidation and growth. We had several strategic projects running. Foremost among them were the curriculum changes to the programs that were being offered. At that time, there were only computer science and management science related programs. Bachelor programs of computer science and management science were both two year programs. Our first initiative was to first convert them to the IBA model of 3+1, that is a 3-year BBA followed by a 1-year MBA. Similarly, a 3-year BS CS followed by a 1-year MCS. This model continued till 2004 when we discontinued the 3-year programs and replaced them with 4-year BS and BBA programs. This was also accompanied by introduction of engineering programs and other specializations. Col Raza Kamal with his independent mind, and incisive observations helped us in refining and improving various initiatives. 

Simultaneously in 2001, we had embarked on a computerization of academic management. First, task was to convert the paper file records of student records into a computerized database. This involved data entry of records and understanding of the previous nomenclature and the their conversion to the computerized versions. Col Raza Kamal’s understanding of the paper records, and his memory of the students and courses was an indispensable help in this transition process. 

His calm n composure in times of stress had been a great support during my numerous, often unconventional initiatives. He has recently published a book on management based on his experience as a teacher and as a professional. Great man to have worked with. Need to get together with him some time soon. 

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