Be Sensitive While Paying for Pizza (expensive meal) through a Domestic Worker

Did you order pizza (or an expensive meal) and asked your doorman (ملازم،چوکیدار) to pay the bill which ran into thousands (typically Rs 3000 or even much more) to the home-delivery rider? Did you realize that you sent a message to your چوکیدار that you are willing to spend one-half or one-third the amount of his 30 days day-night salary on a single-time meal? This door man’s salary is subsistence for his 4-6 member family surviving somewhere in the interior.

I beseech all my friends to curtail and bridle your extravagance, show-off at every level, especially in front of the have-nots. The dwindling economy, rising prices, and increasing unemployment is creating unrest and discontent that is projected to increase for at least the next 3 years. With millions getting unemployed,  we are now sitting on a powder keg that is ready to explode.
I am not saying that you don’t enjoy pizza or an expensive meal. I am simply saying that you make the payments for pizza without involving the doorman (چوکیدار یا ملازم). The doorman will feel bad that you are consuming in one meal that which he earns in ten days of day and night work or half of his salary, or sometimes even full salary. Or do share a slice or two of the pizza with him.
You must create a share of at least one have-not in every meal you have,  or you don’t make an ostentatious display of your consumption. Be sensitive to the feelings of the have-nots.


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