Why There are so Many Assignments on the LMS

A reply sent to the student who was complaining about excessive assignments. 

An assignment in each session is typically given by a faculty member for the benefit of students. Assignments provide opportunity to students to get their attendance for a class session because students can not be “forced” to “attend” the “synchronous” class session on zoom/Meet/Teams because of the “connectivity issues” (internet, power, equipment issues).

Furthermore, teachers expect that students come to the class session prepared with assigned course material for that student as given in the outline. Evaluation of class participation in physical classrooms typically points out those students to the teacher who are coming to the class prepared. As a “synchronous” class session attendance of students can not be guaranteed, therefore the assignment provides the students with the opportunity to impress their class teacher about their preparation and that they are engaged and connected during a class.

Furthermore, if for some reason you can’t do well in the final exam, your work on the assignments would help the teacher in understanding your good performance in the class.

Online final assessments are typically openbook. As there is no way to guarantee that students are not googling, or taking help, or consulting others sitting at their home. Hence, an open book example is designed for not just parroting what you memorized. It would be challenging you to use your own mind and be original in your analysis. Please tell students not to try to be smart, there is technology to detect plagiarism so please do not copy and paste material. My advice is be original and just write what is in your head. You will be fine. Please go through the patterns of plagiarism at https://plagiarism.iu.edu/plagiarismPatterns/index.html. The can all be detected.

I hope you understand that we are trying our best to help you gain a worthwhile experience of learning even in these challenging times.


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