Long Term Costs of Presidential System in Pakistan that Need to be Computed

Our penchant and love for presidential systems, our mythical expectation of a strong leader, a saviour on horseback to come galloping and relieving us from our faltering steps has resulted in the following during our over 35 years quest: Three arbitrary selections that establishment now consider corrupt, three separatist movements, three rigged elections, three selections arbitrarily branded as traitors, insane plunge into three US’ Wars leading to long term disastrous implications, and three totally avoidable wars with India (as per Air Marshal Asghar Khan).

صدارتی نظام کے فوائد: امریکہ کی 3 جنگوں میں شرکت، انڈیا سے 3 جنگیں، 3 دھاندلی کے ریفرنڈم/انتخابات، 3 صوبائی علیحدگی تحریکیں، تین ایسے پولیٹیکل لیڈرز کی سلیکشن جن کو بعد میں خود سیلیکٹرز ہی کرپٹ اور غدار کہتے ہیں اور تین تین مشہور غدار

[To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]

A: امریکہ کی 3 جنگوں میں شرکت،

(1) 1960s USSR Cold War, U2, Seato Cento,..
(2) 1980s USA’s Afghan Jehad war against USSR,
(3) 2000s USA’s War on/of Terror

B: انڈیا سے 3 جنگیں،

(1) 1965 War,
(2) 1971 war,
(3) 1985 Siachen War, still in progress

C: دھاندلی کے3 ریفرنڈم/انتخابات،

(1) 1964-65 rigged elections against Madar-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, branded as Traitor,
(2) 1985 referendum,
(3) 2002 elections

D: صوبائی علیحدگی کی 3 تحریکیں

(1) 1960s estrangement of East Pakistan, 6-points/Agartala Case leading to Operation Searchlight and secession,
(2) 1980s Sindh MRD, Altaf Husain rise, plunging Karachi into 30 years of violence : Sindhu desh, Jinnah Pur
(3) 2000s Balochistan, Killing of Bugti, BLA,.

E:   بقول اسٹیبلشمنٹ تین بڑے غدار و کرپٹ 

(1) 1960s: Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
(2) 1980s: Murtaza Bhutto, GM Syed, Altaf Husain, Nawaz Sharif
(3) 2000s: Bugti/BLA, TTP, Asif Zardari

Wars Plunge
1) 1960s US’ Cold War,U2, SEATO,
2) 1980s US‘ Afghan Jehad War
3) 2000s US’ War on/of Terror
Wars with India

1) 1965 War
2) 1971 war: lost half of our country
3) 1985 Siachen War, still in progress
Selected Traitors
1) 1960s: Bhutto, Fatima Jinnah, Bacha Kh
2) 1980s: Murtaza Bhutto, AH, GM Syed

3) 2000s: Bugti,  Good Taliban, Bad Taliban
Three Rigged Elections
1) 1965 Ayub-Fatima Jinnah
2) 1985 Zia’s referendum
3) 2002 Mush’s s/election
Three Separatist Movements
1) 1960s Discontent in East Pakistan
2) 1980s Sindhu Desh, Khi’s Jinnahpur
3) 2000s Baluchistan unrest, BLA
Selected Corrupts as per current selectors
1) 1960s Z A Bhutto
2) 1980s Nawaz Sharif
3) 2000s Asif Zardari

Three Selected Corrupts, Three Separatist Movements, Three Rigged Elections, Three Selected Traitors, Three US’ Wars Plunge, Three Wars with India, 


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