Dictator Godfathers of Pakistani Politicians-Quality of Selectors-Quality of Selectees

Quality of selectors in Pakistan has reflected in the quality of the selectees. Vicious propaganda against politicians of Pakistan should make us reflect that why on ZAB, NS, AZ, AH and Chaudhrys are credited for their alleged treason and corruption. Their godfathers should also be given due credit if we accept that they have such unenviable disposition. Consider the following history:  

Dictator Ayub godfathered Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (who used to call him daddy).

Dictator Yahya godfathered Bhutto as the first Civilian Martial Law Administrator. He can also be given the credit for being the godfather of Bangladesh and Shaikh Mujeeb. The new country would not have come into existence had Yahya handed over the power to the winner of 1970 elections (Shaikh Mujeeb) without delay, and if had not launched Military Operation Searchlight. He can also be credited for godfathering the surrendering AAK Tiger Niazi. 
Dictator Zia godfathered APMSO’s transition to MQM and its ascent as a terror in Karachi with violence associated with its politics for the next 40 years. Zia should also be credited for godfathering Nawaz Sharif as a politician by introducing him as finance minister of Punjab and later as 3-times Prime Minister. Dictator Musharraf should be given credit for godfathering the Chaudhrys in Punjab. Elder brother Chaudhry Shujaat as PM and younger brother Parvez Ilahi as CM Punjab. Dictator Musharraf’s greatest godson would be Asif Ali Zardari who could not have become president without the NRO given by Musharraf. 


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