Learning and Life is My Autobiography

Writing poetry, blogs, essay, or reflections is greatly cathartic. Things that greatly troubled me, once I got them out of my system through my writing, they stopped bothering me. Once expressed, they stop festering. This is how I forgot many of my longings. My long blog posts are my learning and my efforts in my life. The blog had been a great cathartic experience for me. I write blogs not as much to impress others but more so to organize my thoughts. My thoughts typically are running in circles. They go from one realm to another. And then keep coming back. Once I write them, they become organized and structured. During writing, I also identify the links that I have not explored earlier. I also find links that I knew but had not thought about so clearly and crisply. It is a wonderful experience.

As I connect this with Donald Murray’s 1991 essay “All Writing is Autobiography” I feel that this true.


[to be completed]


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