My Wing Sung Pen

Wing Sung Pen. Fountain pen. 
Tons of hard work and cherished memories with this friend. 
I got one in 1975, when I was in 8th class, this same color, and it remained in my use till 1987. All my exams: Matric, Inter (HSC1 and HSC2), Engineering (40 course papers), MBA (20 courses papers) and their preparatory work on reams and reams of paper was done with that one pen. I left it in my stuff when I went to USA in 1987. Remember seeing it when I returned in 1995. Then I don’t know where it vanished. May be it is there somewhere in that old stuff. 
I remember the smoothness with which it would glide on the paper. It’s nib due to long use had become thick. But, it flowed in my hands.


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