Is Marriage an Imprisonment? Feminism, Relationships and Freedom from Responsibilities

کیا شادی قید بامشقت ہے؟ 
 This post is triggered by FB posts which mentioned marriage as imprisonment with hard labor:
“قید بامشقت”
This post captures the intent of feminist and modern thought which is now focused so much on freedom that it considers “responsibilities” as imprisonment (قید).

To reveal the essence of this thought, we apply the idea to other relationships. The key insight from labeling marriage as “qaid e bamushaqqat” is the inability of feminism to acknowledge the role of “responsibility” in relationships such as marriage.
 Hence, we consider two, more sacred, relationships: (1) mother-child and (2) Allah-Momin relationship and consider how the same concept of equating responsibility as imprisonment gets extended to reveal the inconsistency of thought.
(1) mamta ممتا is the sacred mother-child relationship which literally starts with hardest of labor pains and then continues with pains of feeding, continuous 24 hour care, sleep less nights for the first few years and total commitment. The commitment in our culture extends throughout life with responsibility shifting to the child after adolescence. Please note that feminists typically tend to delay and reduce the child bearing and rearing “responsibilities” as much as they can, but for the biological imperatives. 
(2) Allah-Momin/Creator-created relationship comes with its own responsibilities. And life is often considered as life sentence where the commandments and sharia restrict the “freedom”. 
One can also see that jobs and schools are also often considered imprisonment by modern thought.


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