Disillusion of Youth In Search of Saviors in Pakistan: Hopes Pinned on Saviors, Not Principles

My dear ambitious, energetic youth: 
Please pin your hopes on principles not people. You are bound to be disappointed if you pin your hopes on saviors as I have been closely following the rise and fall of many of the saviors over the last 54 years of my life in the course of daily reading of newspapers, and have personally witnessed the rise and fall of Ayub, Yahya, Mujeeb, Bhutto, Zia, NS (thrice), BB (twice), Mush, Shaukat Aziz, Jamali, Junejo, Gilani, Parvez, Zardari, Altaf Bhai, and now Imran Khan. I have come across countless well-intentioned youth who were left disgruntled, disappointed, and disillusioned by the human frailties of their dear larger-than-life leaders who turned out to be just humans.

Q: In politics leaders hardly follow principles 

All the more reason for you to pin your hopes on principles and not people. If the leader digresses from principles then you can have a “principled” opposition to him. It would be easy for you to oppose if it was the principle you were following. However, if you have invested your life in worshipping the leader, the only option you will have is to be disillusioned by everyone, disillusioned by the country and would have no recourse except to immigrate out. The fate of many of the followers of such leaders.
PTIans feelings about Imran Khan are no different from the jiyala’s of 60s feelings about Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, or jiyala’s of 80s adulations of BB, which are no different from the great expectations of bhai log of 80s-90s about Altaf Bhai, or the starry-eyed expectations of the youth of 50s about Ayub, or the youth of 70s about Amirul Momineen Jehadist Zia, or the “enlightened” youth of 90s about “Moderate” Musharraf. The youth of Pakistan is sold on the idea of saviors on horseback, with mythical powers of omnipotence and omniscience. 
چلتا ہوں تھوڑی دیر ہر اک تیزرو کے ساتھ
پہچانتا نہیں ہوں ابھی رہبر کو میں
The blind supporters of these perceived saviors simply want to remain in their self-constructed paradise of fantasy land, even after decades of having observed the shenanigans of their saviors. Unfortunately, they are all پڑھے لکھے عقلمند
Unless we move our focus from saviors to principles underlying our constitution, there wouldn’t be any respite!


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