Why are Stupids more Dangerous than Bandits and Thieves

Framework for understanding stupidity: Time for self-introspection ????.
اپنا بھی فائدہ کرتا ہے اور دوسروں کا بھی فائدہ کرتا ہے vs اپنا بھی نقصان کرتا ہے اور دوسروں کا بھی!
نادان دوست سے دانا دشمن بہتر ہے! (حضرت علی) 
5 Laws of Stupidity by Carlo Cipolla, 1976 titled “The basic laws of stupidity.” At first it seems hilarious but is not. It is very serious. 

1st Law: There are more stupids in all demographics and categories more than what you think. Everyone underestimates the number of stupid people in circulation.
2nd Law: Being stupid is independent of other characteristics of that person. There are stupids even in the categories of apparently very successful achievers, in all walks of life even category of Nobel Laureates, sports stars, teachers, scientists, business men, accountants, engineers, demagogues, or any category you can think of!
3rd Law:  “There are people who, with their unlikely actions, not only cause harm to other people, but also to themselves.”
The model divides people in 4 quadrants of a 2×2 matrix  (1) Stupid people, (2) helpless people, (3) bandits and (4) intelligent people. 
Which category you are in?
Which category is most dangerous ☹️?
Here are the four categories:
1) Losses to themselves-benefits to others- Helpless 
2) Losses to themselves-losses to others- Stupid
3) Benefits to themselves-losses to others – Bandits 
4) Benefits to themselves-benefits to others – Intelligent
See chart
4th Law: “Non-stupid people always underestimate the harmful potential of stupid people.” Most of us would want to give them the benefit of the doubt.
کھاتا ہے تو لگاتا بھی ہے vs  نہ کھاتا ہے نہ لگاتا ہے
5th Law: A stupid person is the most dangerous person. Stupids are More dangerous than bandits.
Stupid people are more dangerous than every other category.
“If we do not develop the ability to think for ourselves and not introspect regularly, we can become victims of stupidity.
And beyond labeling people, it is vital to understand the risks. When we are not careful with our actions or words, we can all behave stupidly. If we do not develop the ability to think for ourselves and not introspect regularly, we can become victims of stupidity.
Ignorance, overconfidence, lack of control, distractions; all make us more stupid.
And if that happens, technology and AI will be the least of our problems.
Laws of stupidity…laugh as much as you want but think!
PS: More detailed  version of this article is here https://www.anandtamboli.com/blog?title=laws-of-stupidity-and-thinking.
Audio :
Video: https://youtu.be/3O9FFrLpinQ
Points to Ponder:
1- کام کا نہ کاج کا دشمن اناج کا! 
2- کھاتا بھی ہے تو لگاتا بھی ہے
3- نہ کھاتا ہے نہ لگاتا ہے
4- اپنا بھی نقصان کرتا ہے، دوسروں کا بھی نقصان کرتا ہے


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