Ulema Decree (Fatwa) against Suicide Bombings, Targeted Killings and Terrorism

There is a need to propagate the clear position of Islam that suicide is haram, murdering is among the gravest sin, and even taking the lives of foreign guests is haram [1,2,3,4]. 
Extremist positions of takfeeris and kharjis have always been condemned by the mainstream ulemas since the early days as far back as following the shahadat of Hazrat Umar, the 2nd Caliph.

From Wikipedia:

Unlike Sunni and Shia, Kharijites believed that Muslims had the right and duty to revolt against any ruler who deviated from their interpretation of Islam, or, according to other interpretations, failed to manage Muslim’s affairs with justice and consultation or committed a major sin. [Wikipedia]

As seen in [5] the terrorists fit the description of the Kharjis. 


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