Narratives Designed to Dishonor Popular Choice and Support Neo-Colonialism

[To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]
There are several narratives that have been fed to the masses to serve the interests of neocolonialism in developing countries. Neocolonialism enables the super-powers to maintain their hegemony on developing countries during the post-colonial world through dictatorships and kingship. The narratives are crafted to serve the political and economic interests of super-powers through exploitation of  resources and people of developing countries.  Primary objective of these narratives is to rob the power of decision making from the people, and to stultify the evolution of democratic aspirations and to stop the growth of self-governing and self-improving institutions. These narratives help in  perpetually destabilizing the developing countries   by supporting dictators, kings, or autocrats, and creating turmoil through civil strife or wars,  and installing weak unrepresentative heads of governments. These meta-narratives enable the neo-colonial unelected elites to maintain their hegemony on the resources of the country in the service of the super powers. Here is a list of 10 top major Neo-colonialism Supporting Narratives that have promoted political instability, rule of dictators and un-elected elites in Pakistan since independence and have stultified democratic evolution: 

Colonialism: White master exploited the poor people.
Neo-colonialism: White Master + Black Master together exploit the poor people.

  1. Majority of People are illiterate, therefore, democracy is not suitable for Pakistan. 
  2. All politicians are corrupt. 
    • This narrative is supported by a sub-narrative that Pakistan’s problems can be “solved by shooting all the corrupt”.
    • Such a sweeping generalization is not only contrary to truth, but, also hides a sinister narrative which states that dictatorial governments are angel-clean. It also suggests that there is no corruption in state and government institutions such as courts and military enterprises. 
    • All of these narratives can only be verified through transparent  across the board accountability through  uniform open trial of politicians,  generals,  judges, and bureaucrats with no holy cows. 
    • The narrative implies that choice of Pakistani people is bad. It ignores that the process through which political parties develop and filter the choice of leaders as they rise from ranks to the top leadership role is stultified by dictatorships that ban politics and is also stultified by the ever present threat of impending dictatorship during civilian rule. 
    • Stultified politics resulting from political engineering of polls and political leaders had been the history  since independence.  
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  3. Jinnah was secular (ref 11th Aug speech) and his actual message has been distorted by our history books. 
    • There are several sub-narratives to this narrative. These are (i) establishment of Pakistan was a British conspiracy, (ii) Two-nation theory is fake history
    • This narrative is responsible for discrediting the existence of Pakistan itself. This narrative keeps Pakistan perpetually destabilized as its destiny remains under question. The constitution of Pakistan can never get the sanctity and loyalty in the presence of this narrative. 
    • This narrative tries to sweep under the carpet the fact that Pakistan was formed by the votes of the people in 1946. The slogans and campaign of that time are recorded and preserved in papers. However, this fact is totally ignored in the service of attacking the existence of Pakistan. 
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  4. Pakistan cannot progress without a strong decisive leader. Pakistan will breakup in the absence of a strong dictator. 
  5.  Politicians are either traitors or have links to enemy countries.  All Pakistani problems are because of politicians. 
  6. Mullah lobby had been determining the fate of Pakistan. 
    • Heads of governments and major ministries have not been mullahs. However, the objective of this narrative is to discredit the popular aspirations of people and prop the unelected elites. 
    • This narrative is a defensive ploy to again ignore the aspirations of the people during the 1946 elections. 
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Following is the operational result of these narratives:

  • Castigation of “all” civilians as bloody corrupt or traitor
  • Eulogizing of dictators as panacea, despite decades of failures.
  • Condoning of law breakers and constitution breakers
  • Perpetual pandering to IMF, World Bank, USaid,…
As can be seen from the above analysis of narratives that the objectives of “neo-colonialism” handlers of 3rd world countries like Pakistan and Egypt, Iraq, Syria, BD, Sudan, Nigeria, Algeria,…. had always been the following:
1. Perpetual instability
2. Dependence on foreign war aid n arms
3. Rule of the elites, for the elites, by the elites
4. Disdain of elected representatives
5. Fear of democracy and rule of constitution and law
6. Love for single-call-UTurn dictatorships

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