Dictator Gen Musharraf as Bounty Hunter: Costs of Joining War on Terror

 [To understand the context of this post, please read At What Cost! Why Compute Economic Costs of Faulty Political Decisions]


  1. Musharraf handed over 4,000 Pakistanis to foreign countries
  2. https://tribune.com.pk/story/1687073/1-musharraf-handed-4000-pakistanis-foreign-countries/
  3. Pakistan suffers $123.1 bn losses in terror war
  4. Pakistan’s losses in war on terror fail to impact US discourse
  5. War on terror fought with Pakistan’s own resources, says FO after US aid cut
  6. Viewpoint: Why Trump’s threats to Pakistan raise serious questions
  7. The Social, Political and Economic Effects of the War onTerror: Pakistan 2009 To 2011


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