A Tale of Two Operations- 1999 Kargil Operation and 1965 Operation Gibraltar

1999 Kargil Op & 1965 Op Gibraltar: Two pompous dictators, two huge fiascos, two strategic miscalculations by dictator generals who live their early life saying only “yes-sir”, and then live the remaining life only hearing and expecting nothing except “yes-sir”.

Interestingly enough both of these clandestine operations had several common characteristics :

  1. Both were secret operations. Only a very small clique within GHQ knew about the op. 
  2. Both were brain child of a select few, know-all, be-all pompous dictatorial generals with delusion of grandeur. Led by pompous Gen Ayub n Gen Musharraf. 
  3. Both operations were launched with scant regard for logistical support from other formations. The forces were without logistical replenishment and without big guns support and were left to attrition on the front with Bofors guns pounding during 1999. 
  4. Pakistan did not acknowledge publicly either of the two incursions internationally during the time. 
  5. Both are still kept hush hush in Pakistan but have been exposed internationally. The myth of Pakistan attacked by Indian Army in a surprise move on 6th September early morning is ridiculous given Gen Ayub’s statement in a press conference of fighter jets in combat on September 2. 
  6. Pakistan did not acknowledge presence of its forces and their casualties in both. The shaheeds were disowned during that time. Their muted commendation came much later. 
  7. Airforce was not involved in planning n execution. Without air cover the ops forces found themselves as sitting ducks on the front and forced to relinquish their initial advantage. 
  8. Both the dictators refused to acknowledge the clear signals from India that India would open the border of its choice. They ignored clear warnings from indian prime ministers. 
  9. Both dictator did strategic miscalculations of horrendous proportions. Dictator Ayub was fooled by assurance of ZAB (Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who was foreign minister in 1965) that India will not cross the international borders. Gen Ayub totally ignored the warning of Indian Prime Minister Shastri who went public on record that if Pakistan does not reign in their operation India would be forced to open the border of its choice. Which it did on September 6, 1965 when Pakistan army was found napping when Indian forces crossed Wagah Border. We see a similar bravado in the dictator of 1999, Gen Musharraf , who is even today trying to fool himself and save his skin and is still trying to fool the people today by hiding that Pakistan’s ops forces were completely strangulated  and that India was willing to start a full scale war. The establishment continues to spread the myth that Pakistan was inches from the victory of its foolish operation. Had it not been a dash by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to USA to meet Clinton and to win a repreive, Pakistan would have been in a full fledge war in 1999. This has  been acknowledged by Gen Asad Durrani, ex chief of ISI, in his recent book.
Facts and Fictions of Kargil Operation 

Mr Sartaj Aziz writes in his book Between Dreams and Realities that General (retired) Majid Malik (then minister for Kashmir Affairs) asked him after a top-level briefing by General Musharraf and the brass to the political leadership on May 17, 1999:

“Do you think the prime minister knew about this operation already? I said I am not sure but I think he was not aware of the entire plan…in the earlier meeting on 12-13 March there was no mention of the involvement of troops under the Force Commander Northern Areas (FCNA). I am not aware of any other briefing…from a political standpoint I can understand why the prime minister accorded what amounted to ex-post facto approval even if he was not informed earlier. Regaining a slice of the Indian-occupied Kashmir is something no prime minister of Pakistan can object to in public.”

Even Gen. Kayani who was responsible (at that time) for guarding Kashmir was not taken in the loop!


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