Neocolonialism and Indian Agenda for Pakistan

Neocolonialism and Indian agenda for Pakistan consists of the following points that they use their stooges in Pakistan to promote:

  1. FATF restrictions on foreign trade. Further throttle whatever exports remain. Check!
  2. Convert CPEC from “game changer” to “game over” (in progress)
  3. Convert Positive sentiments into negative sentiments for outlook on Pakistan’s Economic Progress. Check!
  4. Change the election discourse from competition on development to competition on muck throwing (libel, slander, invectives). Check!
  5. Stultify growth in domestic sectors by stopping investments in high growth industry and real estate sector. (in progress)
  6. Convince world powers that Pakistan is not a democracy and is being controlled. Check!
  7. Keep Pakistan perpetually destabilized and perpetually developing and perennially in ICU, and for ever dependent on WB, IMF,.. .
  8. Make provinces fight against each other. Create conditions where people turn against state. (in progress)
  9. Stop urban centers from becoming lively and engines of growth and keep them as ghettos that are dirty, violent, and unlivable.
  10. Stop and stultify the vibrant and emerging social sector and government partnerships in health, education, poverty alleviation and environment.


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