DoN Quixote PCO CJP Saqib Nisar who godfathered Sancho Panza Imran Khan

DoN Quixote and his Sancho Panzas tilting at the windmills.
1: DoN Quixote tilting at the windmills, through the Sancho Panza 2018-2023. Fighting the enemy of states: poor street vendors, irregular shops, all sectors of economy, auto sector, energy sector, real state sector, and the tax chor 99% of Pakistan population, lower class, middle class, rich class, politicians… .

2: DoN Quixote tilting at the windmills with his Sancho Panza of 2017-18. CJP Saqib Nisar’s suomotos against enemy knights: sugar mafia, salt mafia, garbage, tanker mafia, hospitals mafia, schools mafia, drugs mafia, food outlets mafia, politicians,…. as detailed in Baba Rehmatay- From Chief Justice to Chief Executive: Tilting at the Windmills!

At What Cost


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