How Mafias Come into Existence in Pakistan: There is no single authority to be held accountable

Mafias are created when different government agencies start playing ping-pong with their responsibility. They are all the time fighting turf wars often with the connivance of the vested interests, who then cling together to form cartels that start playing one government department against the other, one ministry against the other. 

    جہاں جہاں مافیا ہے وہاں وہاں ایک بے بس، لاچار اور مجبور اتھارٹی ہے جسکی جان دراصل ایک ایسی منسٹری کی مٹھی میں ہے جو کہتی تو اپنے اپنے آپ کو “کمپیٹنٹ اتھارٹی” ہے مگر سوائے اپنی Incompetence چھپانے کے اور کچھ نہیں کرتی: کام کی نہ کاج کی دشمن اناج کی:یہ شاطرانہ انداز میں Competent authority کے پیچھے
اپنے نام کو چھپا کر اپنی نا اہلی چھپا کر تمام زمہ داری نظر آنے والے حکمرانوں پر ڈال دیتے ہیں

Government has designated a specialized ministry and an authority for tackling each type of problem. They are paid from taxpayers pocket. They need to be punished for their incompetence and aggravation of problems. Each Mafia feeds on a problem of a particular area which can not exist without the collusion of the authority and the relevant ministry. We all thought that IK’s تبدیلی will change the working of these rulers who call themselves as “competent authorities”. He will hold them accountable and will punish them. Instead he like many others have been ensnared by the bureaucracy and its labyrinth of notifications issued under the disguise of “competent authority”. If he and his supporters would have seen a few episodes of the “Yes Prime Minister” serial of BBC, it would have informed PTIans that tabdeeli can only be brought by breaking the code of this bureaucracy. See for example


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