Why there are Crime Mafias in Pakistan- Multiple Investigation Agencies with Overlapping Functions

Irfan Hyder's photo.
Irfan Hyder's photo.
Irfan Hyder's photo.
کرپشن اور کرائم انوسٹیگیشن: بڑھتا گیا درد جوں جوں دوا کی
How many investigation agencies are there in Pakistan? Which other investigation agencies exist that are not mentioned in the attached lists? I think there are investigating units also in FBR, EOBI, SBCA, SBP etc? I read somewhere many years ago that there are 40+ agencies!
How many corrupt have each of them nabbed after collecting enough evidence to convict them in courts.
Incompetence of the competent authorities responsible for collecting solid evidence. How much extortion and blackmailing by them? Any research?


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