Playing with Fire: Confidence Building

Lighting up the fire for making tea during tracking and picnicking in the wilderness.
Food cooking in scouting.

We used to burn the bushes around our house in the wilderness when they have dried up in the autumn. They would grow during the summer monsoon to several feet high. Then they would dry up in the autumn around October – November. Especially during windy days. Just one matchstick would be enough to clear vast areas with these dried-up bushes. Once we were identified during such an arson adventure and abba (Ahsan Hyder) was informed that we were jumping over the fire. (Why would we, did they think we were stupid?) Anyhow, we persisted in this for several winters but were careful to do this when no one was watching. Imagine the crackling and swishing sound accompanied by swirling flames gobbling up vast swathes of dried bushes in a beautifully exhilarating scene with sights and sounds of jungle on fire. What an experience

Work in Process


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