Behind frigidity there once was a clingy child? When a Child Becomes an Adult

The child has now grown up, isn’t it? The grown-up is now Aaqil and Baligh, and responsible for his/her behaviors. An adult must be accountable for his/her actions. Stop blaming your parents or environment for your actions. This Freudian psychology thought is against Islamic teachings. Freud does not believe in human will or predestination.

Some DMRs developed during childhood gets stuck in our subconscious which affects our behavior and mental capacities. Often we are not trained in our modern education to process these DMRs so even an adult cannot do much about them. Extended families and elders used to provide a crying shoulder to release our emotional energy, the educated parents and nuclear families do not offer such a facility to the child. When this child grows up s/he has forgotten the source of his fears, apprehensions, and internal conflicts, which bury at the back of his mind … neither s/he has any training regarding how to process these memories effectively. Jung (an opponent of Freud) also acknowledges the role of religion for its ability to better process the stuff in our subconscious.

Indeed individual is responsible for his change but how will s/he know that its coming from the past when we don’t even acknowledge it? Also, Freud is just one psychologist among so many others who believe in ‘change’ and ‘will’ and ‘hope’ . PSYCHOTHERAPY is all about ‘how to help humans so s/he can change. When discussing cause & effect, we don’t discuss the ’cause’ to BLAME but only to understand. Thanks, Sir for your input but remember, Jung is talking about that in a therapeutic setting or at least in therapy

The extreme form of blaming the environment, and not taking responsibility of actions is the tendency to even ban death sentences


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