Quest for Truth: Need for External vs Internal Persuasion

A post on FB quoting Joseph Royce:
“If you cannot convince me that there is some kind of knowable ultimate reality, or if you cannot convince me that there are certain absolute values by which I can live my life, I shall commit psychological suicide. That is, either convince me that there is “one truth” or one right way of doing things, or I shall conclude that everything is meaningless and I will not try any more.”

My reply:
Why should someone else convince you of the “truth”! It is your life, you need to live it, you need to search for your meaning of your life! It is a very personal question! Whether you commit a psychological suicide, or a physical suicide, or live like a zombie, or live a life of tyrant or live a life of saint or die a martyr for a false cause or die  for true cause are your own personal decisions! What you make of your life, or do not make anything of your life are your individual and personal decisions. You are responsible for your actions and the consequences of your actions. And you need to be accountable.

May be trying to answer this question is a quest for which you feel this restlessness and may be that is the purpose of your life or the purpose of human existence. May be the greater the intellect, greater the turmoil, greater the conflicts, and greater the difficulty for greater clarity! May be solving this problem, answeing this question, deciphering this restlessness,  satisfying your urge to find the answer is why you are here. Welcome to the thinkers club!


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